Anita Sarkeesian: Victim Status and the Garbage Humans

Anita Sarkeesian

Recently Vidcon 2017 was held and a mixed bag of Youtube personalities attended. Typically, you see mainly only left leaning, social justice warrior type attendees but this year, a new group attended in mass, a group often referred to as skeptics on Youtube or post-vidcon, “The Shitlords.” Vidcon holds various panels on topics and issues effe ting the online Youtube community as well as workshops for other youtubers to gain insight and skills from larger Youtubers. At one such panel aimed at discussing the unique challenges women face online, things took a turn toward the vile, only it wasn’t The Shitlords causing problems it was the famous faux feminist Youtube personality Anita Sarkeesian.

Sarkeesian, a member of the panel about women online decided to attack fellow Youtubers who were present in the audience for the panel as well as shut down any dialogue during open forum period initiated by the “skeptic community.” Anita is a notorious faux feminist best known for her Youtube channel and brand “Feminist Frequency.” While, perhaps best known for going after videogame representations of women, Anita analyzes and criticizes how women are portrayed throughout the media, society and popular culture. She is unabashedly a social justice warrior and often denigrates those who speak out against her. In general she is everything about the left that those on the right dislike. She is the feminist, anti-male, white privilege slaying, gender is a social construct liberal. She lives in a perpetual state of “muh victim status,” and this became very apparent at Vidcon 2017.

During her panel on “Woman Online,” panel members of the Youtube skeptic community including The Warskis, Chris Ray Gun, Barbara4u2c , Bunty King Sargon of Akkad and others. Seated themselves in the first three rows for the presentation, as paying participants, they arrived early to hear her and the other panelists speak. As the panel kicked off and the moderator posed the very first question, Antia responded by calling Sargon a “shithead,” and garbage human who essentially serially harasses her. However, at the panel, Sargon was simply sitting quietly at the panel not interrupting her or doing anything intimidating, in fact for a majority of the time he is photographed smiling. The reality is that Anita cant handle anyone who disagrees with her views. It isn’t about harassment as the majority of his videos about Antia are just response type videos refuting her points.

Anita not only writes a follow-up about the experience but gives an statement saying that essentially she is a victim, and they are harassing her and them sitting, yes, simply sitting, in the first three rows was essentially an act of aggression towards her. The reality is they did nothing and she had a meltdown seeing them show up, blurted out an inappropriate response and couldn’t contain her comments or handle the situation professionally. Instead, she follows up the situation by trying to paint herself as the victim and talking about how women are harassed for sharing their opinions by men and continues to drill in to Sargon even after he failed to say anything else inflammatory towards her.

She took the easy way out and went straight for the victim card instead of apologizing and admitting what she did was wrong. She says she is against harassment and yet she turns around and publicly harasses someone who is just sitting in the audience doing nothing to bother or harass her. If you cant handle someone sitting than maybe you shouldn’t be doing panels, especially panels which include a question and answer portion. She could barely make it through the very first question stream without having to dismiss questions or shut it down because they slightly challenged her own opinions. The moral of this story is that the “garbage humans,” aren’t really the trash of Vidcon.


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