Who is the Real Boogeyman?

The American Freighter was on autopilot when it almost struck the Russian destroyer in a near miss.

Seriously this sounds like the beginning of a Star Wars episode.

It was chalked up to negligence by the United States Navy. Not an alarm was said to go off even as this horrific disaster approached. None of the scanners were working either. Was it hacked?  Could all of our Navy ships be hacked and sank then? We have to prepare ourselves for the possibility.  Has anyone in the Navy been on a boat before? Or do they all just train by simulation only? Ender’s Game or Star Wars, you take your pick. Is our Navy so impotent from all of the social engineering and Affirmative Action that it’s become this worthless? Worthless enough to get us into a hot war on accident?

Was this seriously a hack job done by North Korea? Or was it someone else? Now it’s a bit more grounded, down to earth. Believable just because the dreaded North Korea was involved possibly? Is this just an excuse for all the hype and pomp over North Korea and what a threat they want us to take them for?

The only thing that makes North Korea truly dangerous is that they have been brainwashing their people. Telling them that America wants them all dead, and radicalizing every single soul by requiring a ten year minimum in the military from every North Korean born. They actually pick up all of the ten-year-olds every year for this very reason. These children finish their studies and development while training for war, just as Sparta used to train their children. What are American children most proficient at? Without doing a formal study- it would go in this order- 3. Video games. 2. eating lots of refined processed food. 1. Watching TV, whether it be online entertainment or just the regular old smart spying Samsung.  While North Korean people have no tech, only their government does. They drive cars and use appliances made in the 1950’s.

You can bet your sweet lazy American ass that the weakest smallest North Korean is tougher than you.

You can also bet that if there were no nuclear weapons ever invented that we would never win any kind of conflict against such a tough, extreme country. If they truly decided to do a sneak attack invasion done by citizens trained from their first years on earth to kill Americans- we would be toast- sitting ducks.

How did this happen? When did we all become so fat, sick and lazy? When did we become so complacent? Trusting the very government that is hurting us to keep us safe? Go walk down the street in New York or Chicago if you think you are an invincible American. Better yet- come here to Detroit. Number two on the list of most violent cities. See how well your Americaness protects you, when our own liberal gun controlled cities kill us by the scores day after day. Even if you aren’t cleared for a weapon, it’s imperative. There’s just no way around it. Eat or be eaten, kill or be killed. This is the choices we have with each other in this great country. Just imagine what would happen if we had to face someone truly armed.

Not everyone believes that the Russian are such an impending threat, much less North Korea. But we have a lot of work to do ourselves. We have much self-examination to do before we can even think of setting up shop in other’s people’s territories or back-yard. How can we be spread so thinly, to the point where the spending is past all limits, the training is woefully lacking in the average American, and yet feel the need to make others adopt our sick way of life? If I were North Korean, Russian, or just about any other country, I would be laughing until my sides ache to see the true nature and sleepiness we have succumbed to. No amount of brainwashing is needed now. Only a good look at the average American citizen and they would feel much safer and more secure knowing that they, who didn’t have the comfort and luxury that we enjoy, are tougher, and arguably smarter.

After all. Those governments as bad as they were- didn’t raise a bunch of beta-male pussies and crazy overworked bitches.

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