Viktor Orban’s Path to Independence Lies with Trump


As we approach the G-20 meeting in July things are heating up fast around Europe.  Hungary’s firebrand Prime Minister Viktor Orban continues dropping truth bombs on the European Union’s immigration policy.

Orban’s latest act of geopolitical heresy was to openly call out billionaire agitator George Soros for openly trying to undermine Hungary’s political system as well as a “determined and successful money man who things himself a superior being.”

He’s not over-stating the case.  Soros openly admits to having a god-complex.

The rhetoric has to heat up on both sides because of the G-20.  Orban is out there attending rallies to drum up popular support for opposing Merkel’s immigration quotas, while Merkel is virtue signaling her sagging credibility off deep in a re-election campaign.

Both are trying to influence how U.S. President Donald Trump will act at the G-20 conference.

Merkel is trying to rally around fortress commie Western Europe while Orban is trying to lead the nationalist resistance.

And, here is where I think Orban is a little wrong.  Because it is Trump, as a man who can wield real legislative power, not Soros, that can play kingmaker here.

The Tyranny of ‘Fair Share’

Merkel’s tyrannical order to let in millions of refugees was done for the most cynical of reasons, her re-election, as well as devotion to a failed ideology of open borders mixed with social democracies.

Moreover, it is being used by her to consolidate power in Brussels through unilateral decision that was not agreed upon by member nations when they joined the EU.  This push for extreme open-borders is designed to create cultural conflict, foment chaos and offset a demographic collapse in Europe thanks to falling birth rates.

Orban is a lion among jackals.  He is a man of clear conviction and a staunch Hungarian nationalist.  He knows where this push for open borders and unlimited immigration comes from.

And he’s willing to fight it at every level.  This speech from February 2016 tells you everything you need to know about him and what he knows he’s facing.

Orban isn’t against honest refugees from political strife.  He is, rightly, against being dictated to by Frau Merkel about who and how many refugees Hungary will take based on whatever she and George Soros decide.

He is against being forced to take in refugees who look like an invading army of young men.  And for this, like Donald Trump, he is labeled a dangerous nationalist with Hitlerian overtones.

Merkel and Soros use EU countries friendly to immigration, or at least unwilling to fight it, like Italy, to demand Hungary take its ‘fair share’ of them.   Hungary wasn’t consulted.  Italy made a decision that, by Merkel’s insistence, is Hungary’s responsibility to oblige.

Why?  Because it is part of the EU.  This is the problem with political unions like this.  There is almost no way to retain your community’s identity when there is power to be gained through the union itself by those who dominate it.

No association of this kind will ever be one of equals.  Germany and Mrs. Merkel rule the EU because Germany represents the strongest and most diverse economy within the EU.  To remain within the EU means, ultimately, knuckling under to Germany’s demands.

And if the German leadership and its people go insane with cultural Marxism?  Too bad.  Get in line or face retribution.

Tyranny through enforcing equality.

This is embodied by the lawsuit brought against not only Hungary, but also Poland and the Czech Republic for not abiding by EU immigration quota rules.  Merkel and Soros will use whatever tools they can to scare the people off of independence from EU policy.

G-20 Crucible

This G-20 meeting is shaping up to be interesting for once.  Normally they are boring affairs while self-important oligarchs decide on the future course for the rest of us unwashed plebes.

But, this time there is a real sense that those self-same oligarchs are scared.  Why else would there be such a push to try and tie up Trump and keep him speaking on relatively calm terms with Russian President Vladimir Putin?

Trump, for his part, is going to Poland before the G-20 to meet with heads of eastern European countries at the Three Seas Summit.  There he will formulate with them a counter-strategy to whatever Merkel and her cronies are dreaming up to attack him with at the G-20 over Climate Change and protectionism.

It is here that Trump can give his blessing to Orban’s hardline opposition to Merkel’s liberal immigration policy.  He’ll need it because the lawsuit is only the beginning of the problem for Orban.

Socialists within the European Parliament, with Soros’ backing, desperately want to invoke Article 7 of the EU Charter to sanction Hungary for not acting in accordance with EU policy.  This is the ‘nuclear option’ that would, at a minimum, sanction Hungary and could lead to expulsion from the EU.

Not that, at this point, Orban would argue with this. The bigger problem is that he faces an electorate that, like Greece in 2015, want to have its cake and eat it too.  Merkel knows this and the threats, lawsuits, etc., are designed to force a decision that Hungarians aren’t ready to make.

Trump’s support and a united eastern European front would go a long way to improving Orban’s position.  Countries like those currently resisting Merkel’s immigration politics, are similar in that they are in the EU but don’t use the euro.

If Trump comes out in support of their opposition in the form of increased investment and trade with these countries it will be a master-stroke political counter-move.  Eastern Europe has a number of suitors, including Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union if they would only listen.

Orban has and he knows his best chance of surviving politically is to invite both Russian and American investment into Hungary against the EU’s wishes. But, he can’t do it alone.  It will take unified effort across eastern Europe to successfully fend off Brussels.

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