The Modern Effects of Cultural Marxism

karl marx

Today we are seeing the effects of cultural Marxism taking full effect and over western culture and therefore directly influencing our government, culture and social structure in the west. Marxism has four common and distinct goals. They are as follows: Destroy the family, destroy private property, destroy religion and destroy the nation. I submit we are well under way or have surpassed much of these basic goals and their effects are already evident in many of the political and social issues we are facing today.

The first goal of Marxism, destroy the family is one of the goals that is most evidently already under way if not already mostly completed. Since cultural Marxism began to take over the family has been affected in several ways. The traditional nuclear family has begun to largely disseminate. There is a rise of single motherhood, and kids that are born out of wedlock, often having little to no contact with the child’s father, depriving that child of both female and masculine opinions, skills and personality traits. In communities that are most impoverished single unwed motherhood is most prevalent among minorities, especially in the black community.

According to information from the U.S. Census Bureau, currently 25% of children are raised in single-family homes, born to unwed mothers, of which 90% of those children are raised solely by their mothers and 60% of them ive in poverty. Single parent families are failing because cultural Marxism pushes the idea that it is not necessary to have a child in marriage versus unwed to a father who is frequently not involved in the child’s life. Approximately, 49% of children with single parents were born out of wedlock and another 51% of single parent children come from parental divorce or separation. In line with that divorce which was almost unheard of in the past pre Marxism is frequent. Now divorce has become commonplace and has been opened to a no fault divorce allowing people to divorce for any reason they see fit. Ease of divorce and the social acceptance of divorce have lead to the breakdown of the traditional nuclear family. The remaining issues of the breakdown of the family are the amount of children that are placed in daycare, about 2/3 of children raised by single mothers who have to work are placed in daycare. The combination of the need for the single parent to both work and lack of earnings, with a medium income of only 26,000 yearly as a single parent leads to mass amounts of poverty for children in a single family home.

Goal number two is to eliminate personal property. The goal is ultimately to either form a government that is socialistic or communistic in nature where property is either seized, income is received, means of production are controlled or the product of such production are taken from the maker, in the form of either redistribution of goods or wealth. Having a large tax on assets of business could also do this. Such as taking 50% of all gross income of a business to be given to the government and shifted around as they see necessary. This essentially is the antithesis of modern capitalism.

Marxism’s third goal to destroy religion has already greatly succeeded in much of the west. The first way that religion was attacked was by starting to eliminate God from the schools, no longer teaching creationism, referencing God and eliminating the pledge of allegiance in many public schools. Curriculum ceased to discuss religion except in the smallest, and most necessary ways in order to lay out history and now even history has been eliminated or revised to leave out anything that references religion except for religions outside native Christianity such as Islam. This is cutting out the roots beneath the people and making Marxism and the state the new religion. The church has become weak, and less people are active in religion, especially younger generations. Without these moral compasses or the church as the space in which to go for guidance or advice we see Marxism destroying the basic morals, values and principles of the west. This has lead to a wayward society, degenerate behaviors, the worship of popular culture and capitalism as the new religion. For wherever there is a hole within society something else emerges with which to fill it.

The final goal of Marxism is to destroy the nation and with goals one through threes completion the fourth goal comes to pass naturally. The death of traditionalism has lead to the rise of feminism. The normalization of promiscuity, has contributed to the end of the nuclear family. Cultural Marxism has feminized men and made women more masculine further weakening society.  It has caused children to be raised by academic institutions and daycares instead of by their parents as mothers leave the home instead to work. It has pushed globalism over nationalism and collectivism over individualism. It does however; leave room for  a nihilist and vapid form of individualism. Its ideas have lead to political correctness and multiculturalism. It has pitted our nation against each other by creating two competing ideologies, one based in tradition and one based in the new ideals of cultural Marxism. If Marxism continues to dominate western culture we will see our nations further disintegrate creating a new class of cogs in the machine marching to popular culture and the leftist narrative of the odegaard media.

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