Bronx Hospital Shooting Kills One, Injures Several

A female physician was killed at a Bronx hospital on Friday after a doctor opened fire, wounding several people. He later died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to police.

The gunman was identified by police as Dr. Henry Bello. Around 3 p.m., Bello pulled out a rifle from under his white lab coat and shot multiple people at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said the shooting was an “isolated incident” and not related to terrorism.


Police officers searched the building floor by floor before discovering the gunman dead inside the building. Bello had opened fire on the 16th and 17th floors, police said. There was no immediate word on a motive, and it was not clear when he last worked at the hospital.

“On the 17th floor, officers encountered the male suspect lying on the floor dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. An assault rifle was found nearby,” New York Police Commissioner James O’Neil said.

“The subject was wearing a white medical type coat,” O’Neil continued. “A female victim was also discovered on the 17th floor. She was pronounced dead at the scene. A total of six additional victims were found on the 16th floor. They have been removed to the emergency room of the hospital. Five of them were seriously injured and one had a gunshot wound to the leg.”

“At this point there is a lot we are piecing together,” de Blasio said. “There are many, many details that we are still putting together.”

The FBI currently has “a couple” of agents on scene, but the NYPD is still the lead.

President Donald Trump was made aware of the incident.

“We had a real tragedy here in the Bronx this afternoon,” de Blasio said.

Two law enforcement officials said that Bello was allowed to resign in 2015 after multiple sexual harassment allegations. According to New York State Education Department records, Bello had a limited permit to practice medicine.

He had a history of sexual harassment cases, according to police reports. Police say Bello was arrested in 2004 on a charge of sexual abuse after a woman told police he grabbed her, lifted her up and carried her off, saying, “You’re coming with me.”

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