The Project Veritas Slander Is Baseless, Their New CNN Video Is Damning

Project Veritas videoScreencap from latest Project Veritas video

Project Veritas is an investigative journalistic group headed by James O’Keefe that uses hidden camera videos to catch people on hot mics saying damning things.  It’s a style rarely used anymore by mainstream media and establishment journalists, and one of the most raw forms of journalism. Somehow, that makes Project Veritas a huge target for criticism.

No, James O’Keefe Did Not Go To Prison

Many who criticize James O’Keefe and Project Veritas claim he went to jail. No, he avoided jail time. According to CBS

James O’Keefe, who is best known for bringing down the community-organizing group ACORN by posing as a pimp, pleaded guilty today to unlawfully entering federal property, but he avoided jail time, according to reports.

O’Keefe and three others were arrested earlier this year when they entered the office of Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) disguised as telephone workers, in an alleged attempt to tamper with the senator’s phones and determine whether she was ignoring constituents’ calls. They were initially arrested on felony charges, but the charges were reduced today to entering a federal building under false pretenses — a misdemeanor.

O’Keefe pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three years of probation, a fine of $1,500 and 100 hours of community service, the New Orleans Times-Picayune reports.

Yes, that is it. Unlawfully entering federal property was the crime he was charged with. Excuse me for getting editorial for a moment, but that should be the norm and regarded as a badge of honor among journalists. That is, if journalists did actual journalism. In summary, James O’Keefe was charged with a crime for posing as someone undercover in order to get a news story.

“The Videos Are Heavily Edited, Out Of Context”

That is a somewhat fair criticism. Project Veritas does not put out the full, unedited videos they film. Mostly because that would be hours of talking about meaningless things. At the very least, Project Veritas could do a bit more to contextualize some of these hot mics. That being said, in any context, how would many of these quotes be considered normal?

“No, I’m saying we have mentally ill people that we pay to do shit, make no mistake. Over the last twenty years I’ve paid off a few homeless guys to do some crazy stuff…”-Scott Foval, Americans United For Change

Or when Project Veritas exposed a DC Anti-Fascist group that attempted to do a chemical attack on the Deploraball, an inaugural ball hosted by Trump supporters. This Project Veritas investigation led to at least one arrest. And these are just from recent videos. So let’s take a look at some quotes from this CNN video making waves today:

And The CEO of CNN said in our internal meeting, he said, good job everybody covering the Climate Accords…but we’re done with it, let’s get back to Russia.

(When asked why is CNN constantly like “Russia this, Russia that”)

Because it’s ratings. Our ratings are incredible right now.

Among other telling quotes that can be seen in the full video at the bottom of this page. The largest issue with the editing videos claim is that if you have an issue with Project Veritas, you may as well have your television and internet turned off at all times. Most mainstream media interviews are edited, especially the pre-recorded ones.  Even the criticism that the Project Veritas journalists ask “leading questions” falls flat. Live or edited, no journalists in the mainstream media ask non-leading questions. If you’re going to criticize project Veritas, at least be fair. You should be screaming from the rooftops about the tactics of the mainstream media you claim to be against.

Project Veritas Was Sued For Libel

No, they were not. According to the court documents related to the case, Project Veritas was sued for, and only for, “violating privacy.” In California, both parties need to consent to being recorded, not one like most states and Washington DC (the same reason Comey “tapes” would have been legal).

The sole cause of action alleged against both defendants is violation of California Invasion of Privacy Act, Penal Code § 632 (emphasis added), eavesdropping on or recording confidential communications.

Now, The Narrative Has Turned: No Such Thing as Project Veritas!

This Project Veritas video is making waves over social media. President Donald Trump seems to have hinted at it in his latest tweet.

His son Donald Trump Jr. has retweeted the video itself and has been pushing the video all morning. Instead of responses criticizing Project Veritas or spewing even some spewing of nonsense at President Trump, tweets and replies regarding this issue completely ignore the Project Veritas video. Instead, they claim that a retraction by CNN on a false Russia story that led to the resignation of three staff is what President Trump must be tweeting about. Yes, that must be it.

Brian Stelter, host of Reliable Sources on CNN and often asked for comment on when CNN has blunders (which tends to be often) has tweeted many times this morning, but not one mention of the CNN Producer caught on tape mentioning that the Russia story is “mostly bullshit.” Stelter has retweeted this. Clearly, most “pro-Trump pundits” are not talking about the CNN retraction story this morning. The Project Veritas video was released around midnight.

One argument used by a few on the left addressing the situation is that this producer is CNN’s health producer. That may be true, but as he admits in the video, he sits on the same editorial board and supervisory meetings as the other big guns at CNN do. He’s hardly a nobody.

James O’Keefe has warned that more is coming, he has far more of CNN to expose. He has asked too that members of other mainstream media help Project Veritas expose them.

As of the publishing of this article CNNPR and Brian Stelter have not responded to requests for comment by Halsey News. We will keep you updated if CNN or any associates of CNN make any comments.  Here is the Poject Veritas video making waves.

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