Arab States Told Qatar to Shut Down Al Jazeera

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I guess it’s AJ+’s last days. Who would’ve thought? Reuters reported that Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Egypt sent a list of demands to Qatar. One includes a demand to shut down the Al Jazeera news network and its affiliates.  

Al Jazeera is a state-funded news outlet in Qatar that posts videos on various social media platforms to inform the viewer what is going on. Their video outlet, AJ+ is known to millions especially in the West. When people don’t know what is going on in the Middle East, they look for the answer in AJ+.

AJ+, like NowThis, Vice and Mic, are the most popular video news outlet where their target demographics such as young adults misleading many with their false propaganda and narratives.

AJ+ has been accused by many Syrians for painting a wrong picture on the Syrian Civil War. They promote the Syrian Rebels and White Helmets as the protagonists and heroes, but when an actual Syrian is asked “who are the rebels?,” they say there are “no rebels, just terrorists.”

AJ+ has also shown a liberal bias by showing videos that include cop killings, any harassment towards minorities, “debunking” and being intolerant towards videos that don’t fit their narratives.

The Arab states gave Qatar 10 days to comply with the demands.

These are some key reported demands:

– Shut down the Al Jazeera media network and its affiliates.

– Halt the development of a Turkish military base in Qatar.

– Reduce diplomatic ties with Iran.

– Cut ties to extremist organizations.

– Stop interfering in the four countries’ affairs.

– Stop the practice of giving Qatari nationality to citizens of the four countries.

Al Jazeera’s response was to claim that any call to close their network is basically an attempt to silence freedom of expression in the region.

Clearly double standards given that they post videos claiming free speech supporters in America are the alt-right and neo-Nazis.

Halsey News contacted employees from Al Jazeera and AJ+ to ask for their thoughts but received no response. Though, some didn’t appreciate my views on the network for promoting false propaganda.

Regarding to the future of the network, we wish their employers and workers the best.

AJ+ has been constantly posting videos attacking President Trump and the Saudi Government for their treatment on Qatar. Yet, there has never been a video on how gay people are treated or the slavery that occurs in Qatar.

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