Canada Is Having Their First Black Only Graduation Ceremony

Canada Is Having Their First Black Only Graduation Ceremony

“Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves”, is a biblical verse from the book of Matthew… And while many state this is for false preachers, this also includes false teachers who promote lies and misleading doctrines.

And this is exactly coming from Black Lives Matters co-founders Shaun King, Deray McKesson, and known black supremacist Tariq Nasheed.

With the help from the media and liberal elites, they have indoctrinated us with the lie that minorities, especially African Americans, are victims of systemic racism and are also targets of white supremacy.

And this scares students. It brings fear into their midst. It causes them to start these protests. The more the media shows an African American being shot by a caucasian police, the more fear starts to rule these young kids.

From Harvard to Evergreen State College, the fear has let students believe they need a safe space from white students. That, “white people do not understand the struggle of a black student”

And if you think that’s brutal, then wait till you hear now that the University of Toronto is getting ready for its first ever Black graduation ceremony.

An event planned by the students, Jessica Kirk, 23 and Nasma Ahmed, 21, they explained that this a ceremony only dedicated for black students that completed undergraduate, masters or PhD programs.

Ahmed was on an internship in California a couple years ago when she was invited by a friend for a special event at U.C Davis.

The special event was to honour African American graduating students.

According to Crowdpac, U.C Davis is very liberal. So it shouldn’t be a shock that they would hold these events.

“I remember walking into the space and thinking, ‘what in the world is this?’ ” recalls Ahmed.

Ahmed and Kirk are hoping that this event will inspire more black students

But does it really inspire black students?

Other students do not agree with this move.

Halsey News contacted Nasma Ahmed but she did not respond to comment.

Is this the direction we are going? Is this the dream Martin Luther King Jr. wanted? Certainly not.

As one of the people who commented on the post when I shared it on Facebook said,  this sort of event is “spitting on MLK’s legacy”.

We are going backwards to an era where we are separating people based on their race. Shouldn’t we embrace diversity, show multiculturalism? Imagine as a black man… for years, you show all those students who thought you weren’t smart that you did it, you glow with accomplishment when walking across the stage to accept your diploma. It’s like giving the big “F-ck you” to that ignorant crowd. That is strength and humility.

But then imagine you do it and all you see is your fellow brothers of your race. Where can you give that finger to the haters? They can’t see it because they are not there. It’s like if fear is telling you that you should not encounter those haters but have your own safe space.

In addition, I believe this is just the beginning of these racial moves by post secondary schools. It’s not over yet.

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