Antifa Attacks Reporter Kevin J. Johnston in Ottawa

Antifa Attacks Reporter Kevin J. Johnston in Ottawa

Last weekend, Journalist Kevin J. Johnston was assaulted by the domestic terrorist group Antifa around noon on Saturday in Ottawa.


Kevin J. Johnston has been quite the target for the alt-left. He has also been in altercations with other radical organizations besides Antifa, such as Black Lives Matter Toronto.

Kevin J. Johnston explained to Halsey News what happened last weekend in Ottawa.

“While walking north towards to Parliament Hill. We were crossing the road where the city hall is for Ottawa. We saw two asian kids picking on women… They were shouting names and so on.”

“Me, and my camera guy, Michael. We went across the road to put ourselves between the ladies and these two idiots, and start asking questions like, “Hello guys, how does it feel to pick on women? How does it feel to be like Men shouting at ladies?”

The kids were not very happy with his trolling and responded.

One of the attackers allegedly said: “When the Communist revolutions comes, you will be the first one to be killed. Get the microphone away from me or I will kill you.”

“He just couldn’t leave people alone. They were handing out ANTIFA flyers and the flyers had stupid stuff on them like End White Supremacy and other crappy stuff. Our camera picked up a lot of people without their masks on. They try to quickly put their masks on to try to throw us out of the park.”

“We were backing up to leave the park because we saw a police baton came out and a couple of flagpoles, a couple of piece of wood. One guy had a club, one guy had a knife… They were pushing me backwards. I was holding them in place just saying ‘Hi everybody, Kevin. J Johnson here. This is the reaction we get whenever we get to a public park…’ That’s when one of them attacked the cameraman. He actually broke the camera on the spot. And then, he and another one both came at me. I took both of them to the ground. Then when going down on the ground, their friend pulled them out and there was at least 20 to 25 of them kicking at me hitting me with their sticks and their poles…”

“Their ring leader, John Hollingsworth, 46… he was the one who issued the command for everyone else to steal the camera. Then he tells me,… ‘Thanks for the camera asshole.’ That’s what he said.”

“While I was on the phone with 911, there was a freak show with a huge mohawk pulls out a gun out of his jacket. He was 90 feet away. Points it towards me. So I just duck in behind bushes saying he’s got a gun. The cops arrived. One cop car arrived and I was explained to them what is happening. Then 7 or 8 more cop cars showed up. Then I just started pointing which guys were responsible… that’s when they started to make arrests.”

Currently, Kevin and his camera man Michael, who is also disabled, are getting better.

At the moment, there have been arrests towards the young asian boy who had a knife that they first encountered.

Isn’t it crazy how this event happened and no news outlet other than Canada’s Rebel Media talked about it?

I mean, why would you want hundreds of thousands or maybe millions see this incident if it doesn’t fit your narrative.

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