Defining The Truth In Your News

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The only thing more frightening than a revolution- is not knowing one is going on. If You are the recipient of a revolution and you are unaware of what is happening, it’s dangerous and deadly. This is going on right now. In the news community- we are privy to information that the public isn’t. It’s our job to do our best to convey the truth of what is happening, although we reach precious few. Imagine you had a football field of people that only follow mainstream media- and let’s say you had the mic. You could tell all of these uniformed people the truth.

Any topic that we know something about, the Seth Rich mystery, the truth of Bin Laden, the Comey scandals and hearings- how many would even know what you are talking about? Very few. Most people have been blinded and deceived by the mainstream media so badly, that if you told a group of people a true bit of news, a few facts- they would attack you. Call you crazy- tell you to put your tin-foil hat on, accuse you of being a conspiracy theorist. When in all reality, we are only the most honest of the bull shit analyzers. The mainstream media knows what it’s doing, knows perfectly well that it’s wrong and unethical. They know that the milk-toast they give the people is only a cover-up. A distraction so that people wouldn’t panic, loot and rampage in the streets.

If you asked these people what they knew about the 4chan creation of Pepe the Frog, and their god Kek- the meme club that people accuse of being an alt-right organization,  would they know what you were talking about? Pizza gate- another great example, if you took the average person aside could they argue the basic points of the Fed and how it works? Would they know that the Federal Reserve isn’t owned by our government?

Among ourselves in our own little echo chambers, we can discuss the ideas, points and basic rundown of all these events. But a person that doesn’t watch the news, because someone told them watching all of that stuff is bad for them, their stress levels, or any other reason- they have absolutely no idea what’s coming. They are asleep in that sense. Lulled there by the lying fake news. Kept in the dark by distraction. Materialism, drugs, endless illicit sexual connotations. These are what they push at your children. That they should strive for these things, an escape. While the earth shaking changes in the world happen- people keep eating, drinking, fu%&ing and watching football or some other such nonsense instead of having a chance to learn and examine the real news.

Somehow the mainstream media doesn’t take this one simple rule into account. They don’t think that past transgressions and lies will ever come back to haunt them, when in reality it’s hurting them more day after day. The more they lie, the longer they lie, then the more nails they are pounding into their own coffin. Their audience, the majority of them, are all much older people. People that don’t have computers and never go on the Internet. They don’t know anything about Youtube or any of the other platforms and websites where you can get a more rounded view of the news. When these people die off- the generations that are more tech smart are going to use all of the options available. Not just channels two, four and seven on their televisions.

Everyday more and more truth-tellers keep popping up and joining others of a like mind. No one wants to be lied to. Our parents quietly put up with it  because they knew life wasn’t fair and they had no choice. Now we do have a choice and we intend to use as many options as we can afford ourselves. There is no reason in this day and age that we should not  be able to use all of these cameras and text options for communication available- to get real truth out there for a change. Just think about the Cinema fifty years ago. There would be one movie playing, one choice. The theatre grew over time though, Thirty years ago there may have been five or six choices. Now- there is upward of thirty new choices every Friday morning. This is what the internet does. It is a plethora of alternative sites and ideas and most importantly,  a broad variety of people trying to shout out their version of the truth. On top of that- we have the means to research all of the facts we are being fed by this ultimate communication tool. That’s what the web is if used right.
The gift of a tool for us to discern the truth. At least a much more accurate version of it.

Many would prefer a dedicated conspiracy theorist than a mainstream media whitewashing hack.

Let that sink in.

What’s your intellectual pleasure? The internet will have it, and then the sequel. All you have to do is look for it, and research what you are reading to verify. Bam. Unadulterated truth. Websites on health, helping animals, self improvement. Odd stories. Occult, UFOs, aliens, if that’s what you want to read then the information is there.  White House scandals, Who did what, when, where and how? It’s all there if you want to look for it.

The mainstream media has been drunk on the blood of the innocent for so long, is so used to winning every fight unfairly, clouding and covering the truth- they’ve begun to get sick from their own koolaid- so to speak- and they’ve  made way too many mistakes too keep the bit of power they have left.

It’s not going to take long. The mainstream media will be disrobed and shown for what it is. A vile stinking whore that concentrates on what bathroom you should use, what race, sex, or gender you are, who has the right to marry who- instead of doing their job and brining you real news. The goal of these deceptive people is only to shock you and piss you off. They have no interest in anyone’s well being but their own. Who can say the grossest things going on in the world that have no message. A man in a straight jacket squatting over, and pissing into a fish bowl. This is a news story to these people. Who can out-do that? Oh well look, there’s a grown man walking around in a pussy hat.

“However, I have serious concerns about the drafting of Canada’s new “transgender” law and fear that it will not create rights for the transgendered as much as it will take away rights from women and girls.”

The C-16 bill in Canada is saying they will weaponize, criminalize and penalize through civil and criminal sanctions. Leading up to and even- arrest and prosecution, which will in turn become reeducation classes and camps for you and your family. If we don’t exhibit the particular thoughts and thought processes they determine are ‘safe’ for their idea of this warped society. If we do not apply the label of the week then we can be punished. Where if you use the wrong pronoun when you address someone they want you tarred and feathered. This has nothing to do with transgender, racial or gay rights. It’s about trying to control the thoughts of the masses.

As a truthful journalist it’s important that we take that football field of people mentioned at the outset, and educate them on how to educate themselves. No one should ever depend on one source to come and serve up their news like a dinner in a fancy restaurant. People need to get out of the trance they’re in and use this matrix to their own advantage. If a person waits to have their news delivered in such a way, then the only thing they will get are the best cooked up lies and propaganda. When you take an active role in digging for truth, when a person wakes up and begins to see what things are really like- if that whole football stadium could do that every evening or morning- the world would change dramatically. It would be an entirely different place.

More frightening than anything, you and I are here on a platform that they have no comprehension of. We are part of a battle, war, a revolution. They literally actually and figuratively have no idea of the danger real news presents to them. They don’t understand it and they don’t see it coming.

If any person has questions about a shooting, scandal or anything that may be going on, then he and we should be asking all sorts of questions. We should question anything we think doesn’t look right, anything that feels funny or smells bad.  Use rational thought, and do the work to look. No one else will fact check for you. The responsibility to define our own realities is upon us all. Every single one of us. Why would anyone give that right up? The right for the data to learn the truth. Don’t make the same mistake the dumb-downed population is making in blindly trusting the fake news that is only serving itself.

In using the old saying ‘There are more of us than there are of them’- the fact is we could drown the evil mainstream media in our own urine.

Let that sink in. How’s that for a truthful shocker?

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