Trump-Hate, Julius Caesar, and American Civil War

Trump-Hate, Julius Caesar, and American Civil War

Americans have endured seven months of agitprop from a malignant mainstream-media in a perpetual Vulcan mind-meld of Trump-hate. Initially, in 2016 the MSM started to exploit Trump and desperate to boost flagging audience numbers (Trump made for easy pickings), and trying to remain relevant (at least to their peers) to whatever.

But they couldn’t resist their own embedded ideology of liberal bias to push further. Trump Derangement Syndrome became a style of reportage built on two primary tenets: varying degrees of social justice activism/virtue signaling and persistent breaks with reality; a shaky construction that can only collapse into chaos.

After the November election a singular goal emerged has the battle cry: delegitimize the Trump Presidency at any cost. The progressive-left and Democrat senators (oh, that’s redundant), abetted by acolytes in media promoted civil disobedience and violence.

In January, Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) on MSNBC declared, “What we’ve got to do is fight in Congress, fight in the courts, fight in the streets, fight online, fight at the ballot box, and now there’s the momentum to be able to do this”.

Anti-Trumpers haven’t let up since.

I’ve taken in my share of Shakespeare in the park and never reimagined a living politician on the receiving end of, shall we say, the Bard’s sharp words. That The Public Theater chose to contemporize the presentation of “Julius Caesar” as, in my opinion, a physical manifestation of raw hate, insults the audience experience by seeking the (desired?) lowest denominator of public taste. Which was precisely their objective: let us kill for you—that is, everyone that knows Hillary was denied her rightful place by Putin—that which we (your smarty-pants moral betters) know you/we hate.

All this was before Wednesday morning and the attempted mass-murder of Republicans at an Alexandria, Virginia ballpark.

Can America step back just a little?

On Tuesday, a day before the gunman fired his rifle wounding five people, the prescient Michael Savage on his afternoon radio show said, “We are at a boiling point. There’s going to be a civil war”.

If so, failed Marxists fired the first shot.

For decades deadwood Profs have been indoctrinating college students (many go on to become journalists, politicians, and activist judges) with ideological nonsense. They injected intellectual fraud (Marxism can only lead to mass killing) with identity-politics to create a nation plagued by violent—and extraordinarily incoherent—social-justice warriors.

All the fomented anger, liberal tears, and Nancy Pelosi claiming Bush is still in office are just asymmetric pieces of the larger psychosis that has seized American political discourse.

Back to Shakespeare. As for The Public Theater thespians, we could mark it down as a grotesque Griffinesque moment and bad art. Or it might be construed as violation of 18 USC 871; Threat against the President.

By Wednesday months of negativity and lies (possibly, in part) pushed one angry man to attempt the assassination of elected officials. In America by an American!

Yes, your damn right that was predictable!

Virtually nonstop unhinged media rhetoric with a singular message: unseat President Donald Trump, was bound to push someone to commit murder. Look at video of Antifa idiots that do not believe in boundaries. What the hell, stage actors today make it look realistic and a thing to be imagined, well then, the next step can’t be far out of reach.

The all but extinct dinosaur media needs to speak out to chill the hate.

When half of American citizens are indoctrinated to hate everything the other half of the Republic stands for and believes in that’s a big deal. It’s time for the America to step back from the brink or as Savage warns, “There’s going to be a civil war”.

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