A Loss of Herd Immunity Lead to Alexandria


The hypocrisy of the political Left knows no boundaries.  The relentless radicalization by the Democrats and their fellow travelers in the media of all things Trump since the election is tearing this country apart.

All the while they continue to believe they are the champions of decency and progress.  It is that gulf between perception and reality that is crux of the problem and it leads to events like the recent shooting in Alexandria where a man with extreme political views took it out on Republican congressmen with an AR-15.

And, as always, an event like this happens in a state with the strictest gun ownership laws. If not for the swift response by the security detail many more people would have been shot.

All of the post-election violence perpetrated by Progressive people have occurred in places where proportional self-defense has been effectively outlawed.  But, the left is still staunchly anti-gun, no matter how many crime statistics are trotted out.

No matter how many times a woman defends herself successfully with a handgun, people still believe what they want to believe.  And, more importantly, choose which side of the political spectrum to support. Sometimes it’s at the ballot box.

Sometimes it’s with a gun.

So, where does herd immunity come into the Left’s hypocrisy?

Vaxx Populi

If there is one group of people the Left hates more than Republicans (and Alex Jones), it is the so-called Anti-Vaxxers.  Even Climate Deniers are treated better than these folks.  They are the people who are skeptical about the efficacy of certain vaccines as well as the link between them and the rise in Autism.

Concerns that are, to all available data, real.

And we all know that Progressives love data, as long as that data fits their narrative.

Vaccines, like public education, to Progressives are an unqualified good thing.  There can be no nuanced discussion of these subjects.  Try having one sometime and see how fast a polite conversation turns into a friendship threatening shout-fest.

In their defense, the data shows a strong correlation between education and wages.  Vaccines have been an inarguable success in wiping out diseases which used to be common.

No one is arguing these things. And, yet, the discussion is framed as if it is.

Vaccines are, at their core, the shining example of the Prevention Principle, which governs so much Progressive thought.  And the Prevention Principle has to be defended without reservation.

More Guns, Less Disease

It’s why Progressives love gun control.  Get rid of the guns and you pre-empt shootings.  Vaccinate children and you pre-empt infection.

At first blush, it seems reasonable. But here’s the problem.

Guns are not the disease.  Crime is the disease.  Guns are the vaccine.

In vaccination, you receive a small dose of the disease to teach your immune system how to deal with it.  Inoculate enough people and you protect the entire community including those who haven’t been vaccinated.

Herd Immunity occurs when a critical mass of vaccinated people in a population retards the spread of the disease because it can’t find a new host to ravage within its lifespan.

In the case of guns, the more people armed the less violent crime is committed per capita.  Crime is retarded because the personal risks far outweigh the benefits for a critical mass of would-be criminals.

If the population of gun owners drops below a certain level, crime explodes.  There are other factors, like economic prospects and cultural bonds, which raise or lower that threshold to violence but guns are the rate-limiting factor.

A priori this argument makes as much sense for armed robbery as it does for polio.

Progressives should see that accepting a little bit of the disease, the regrettable accidents and crimes of passion that occur with guns, is the way to maximize society’s herd immunity against its worst impulses.

Inoculating the Truth

Loss of herd immunity is one of the main arguments Progressives make against Anti-Vaxxers.  Their unwillingness to vaccinate their children threatens the whole population. But, it’s completely hypocritical to be opposed to them on those grounds and a complete ban on guns at the same time.

Moreover, they attacked Dr. Andrew Wakefield viciously over his findings with the MMR vaccine for his involvement with a potential competitor vaccine.  This is simple genetic fallacy – attacking a person’s motives rather than their data.

The same thing happens in the gun control debate.  In fact, it doesn’t matter what the issue is, if you disagree with Progressive policy positions you must be a shill for the evil corporations who resist their ham-fisted attempts at bettering the human race.

By marginalizing Anti-Vaxxers, who for the most part aren’t against vaccination but the real dangers associated with certain vaccines, Progressives unwittingly carry water and improve the bottom line of the very same crony capitalists in the Pharmaceutical industry they profess to hate so much.

If Progressives were truly as enlightened as they think they are they would see this.  But, our politics have become so radicalized that every issue associated with the wrong team needs to be resisted reflexively.

And that leads to a different type of dangerous human behavior that Progressives decry in their endless invocation of identity politics, in-group/out-group bias.  Blue Team good, Red Team Bad.

If Not A, then B.  If you aren’t sure about vaccines you want people to die of small pox.

So, for all their appeals to reason and science, their arguments, when boiled down to their essentials, are nothing but the basest of irrational fears.

Fears which lead some to buy an assault rifle they say no one should own, travel halfway across the country and open fire on a bunch of Republicans at a baseball park.  Thankfully, there were people with guns nearby to contain his disease.

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