Talk of a ‘Criminal Empire’

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The deep state, corporate media and central bankers have formed a criminal empire to convince the public from the start that Trump could never be president. First it was no one was attending his rallies which was obviously a proven lie. Then they said his poll numbers were down, when everyone could see that the numbers were as cooked as the ones in the current stocks and bonds market. Saying that Clinton was always in the lead. When if you looked at the most trusted poll numbers, say from someone like Rasputin, Clinton was the one shown struggling to stay in the race. The deep state’s mouth piece had been debunked time and time again spewing pure garbage and lies, working hand in had with the rogue elements of our intelligence agencies.

When they failed getting rid of Trump as a candidate, as he indeed won the election, they blamed Clinton’s failure on Russian hacking and collusion. Going so far as to start campaigns trying to discredit a fair and free election. They tried a do-over, a recount in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania- which didn’t work. Then, after Inauguration it was the Russian collusion thing again. There was even a fake dossier passed around congress for weeks before it was even brought to Trump’s attention. A sick story- many call it Piss-gate, that involved Trump and some Russian hookers supposedly hired by Trump to piss on the bed in the room that the Obama’s had last stayed in.

“We wrote it and put it out there, just to see how far it would go.” A 4-chan employee confessed on the Savage Nation broadcast a few days later. “It was just a joke. We really didn’t thing it would go anywhere. We write nonsense like that all the time. It usually never goes anywhere.” A gross miscalculation if that’s what it indeed was. This piece was circulated all the way to the top. It was Senator John McCain that finally turned the propaganda over to the Department of Justice. When asked why he replied, “I did what any responsible, concerned citizen would do.” Apparently, McCain wanted to be ‘responsible and concerned’ when the timing was right and after all those stuffed elites had their fill of laughing at the forty-fifth sitting president of the United States.

However even all seventeen of our intelligence agencies- should be the right number as it keeps changing- were unable to, as hard ad they tried, nail Trump with any wrongdoing. When the FBI spoke to the Senate intelligence panel- their testimony pretty much that they had nothing. Trump was never under investigation, there was no obstruction of justice with General Michael Flynn.

It’s become apparent that the deep state will exhaust all the legal means of trying to unseat Trump. It’s possible if they are determined enough this could result into something horrific.

This brings us to Shakespeare in the Park, in New York City, a play that takes place in the public theatre. Coincidentally different corporations have funded it. Delta Airlines, Bank of America and the New York Times have sponsored it. The play itself has gone in the same direction as many leftist Trump haters. For example the Snoop Dog video where he simulates blowing Trumps head off, or Kathy Griffen who held a photo shoot for the explicit reason of putting out a photo of her holding the bloodied mask that resembled Trumps severed head, ISIS style.

In the play, there is a violent assassination scene depicted where the individual resembles Trump.

Donald Trump Jr.’s response of course was to tweet out, “I wonder how much of this is paid for by taxpayers? Serious question, when does ‘art’ become political speech, and does that change things?”

The left does keep sending these messages. This play could be used as a gauge to see if people are all right with this, are people happy to see these horrifying depictions and photos?

Fareed Zakaria of CNN tweeted: “If you are in NYC go see Julius Ceasar, free in Central Park. Brilliantly interpreted for Trump era. A masterpiece.” Here is blatant proof that an employee of CNN is trying to influence people to go and see this ‘masterpiece’ for free. Seriously, No one thinks that this is odd? Is any show at all in New York City ever performed for free? It doesn’t make sense.

Since then, Bank of America and Delta airlines have backed out of this, most likely because it has crossed lines that cannot be uncrossed. This whole debacle is normalizing assassination, and they obviously want the blame for any encouragement provided for an unhinged maniac to assassinate the president. Interestingly the New York Times hasn’t taken the same stance and remains in compliance with this act. This character of the Caesar, of course resembled Trump with his trademark blonde hair and a long red tie. The actress playing Caesar’s wife has a Slavic accent and is clearly meant to look like Melania.

So why is it on display?

The deep state is running out of options. They’ve fought Trump every step of the way, and are going to continue to try to discredit and unseat him legally if at all possible. There is the outcry in certain parts of congress for the twenty-fifth amendment to be enacted, as Pelosi, Waters and others have questioned Trump’s sanity. At this point- if he’s made it through all of this persecution without losing his mind, it’s a pretty good bet that the man has a solid mental state.

The last thing they can do- is completely illegal and that’s an order for his assassination. They are desperate at this point as it looks like there is nowhere else to take this vendetta against a sitting president. The Russian thing has been beaten to death- it’s gotten so bad that Americans and Russians alike have been using it as nothing but a joke. Even Vladimir Putin- has stated that the American corporate media ‘must be bored’, to keep asking him the same questions, only to get the same answer.

We know that Trump has told Tillerson to prepare to strengthen relations with Russia. He’s been speaking with Putin, Lavrov and Kisliac. It’s very clear that Trump has no issue with Russia. However this doesn’t match the deep state’s agenda. They’ve been using Russia as the boogeyman, and this isn’t going to fly with the American people any longer.

Trump has been making a great effort to look into the deep state and remove their members one by one, seeking, exposing and eradicating these people who have run this long campaign against him. Anyone not working for the American people or the Trump administration are being rooted out.

Imagine the deep state’s desperation at this point. As time goes on they are losing control of the narrative. There may in fact be a breaking point coming, where they decide to take the final step. They did it once with JFK, after a similar period of tense time in his administration. Of course JFK was rolling out the silver certificate, which angered the central banks, among may other things that did not match their plans back in the early sixties. In the same vein, the deep state reached a boiling point- where the only choice left for them was to indeed take him out. As anyone can see we are approaching the same exact point. Only some fifty odd years later.

Once this criminal empire has reached their breaking point and have lost control of everything- there is no reason to believe that they will not proceed with the last grave operation.

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