Disarming The Good Guys Is Not A Solution To Gun Violence

Disarming The Good Guys Is Not A Solution To Gun Violence

This morning, a gunman opened fire at a group of congressman practicing for a charity baseball game, injuring Majority Whip Steve Scalise and several others (All victims are expected to make a full recovery from their injuries) Many are blaming the normalization of political violence by the left wing media. They have a point: in what world is it normal for “comedians” to hold up severed heads of the President and for news networks to run lists of who would succeed the President if he were to be assassinated? If the media and the culture can paint their political opponents as on par with Hitler, well, there is something to be said for the possibility that someone will feel entirely justified in causing them bodily harm.

(And, for what it’s worth, the alleged shooter was named as James Hodgkinson, a Bernie-supporting leftist per his Facebook page.)

That said, I have a bigger bone to pick with the left today: their constant infringement upon the Constitutional rights of Americans.

Namely, the Second Amendment.

I wrote an article back in April about how my own views of guns have evolved, from being raised as very anti-gun to now doing my best to advocate for gun owners. Last week on my Youtube show, Right Millennial, I had an awesome interview with the founder of Black Guns Matter, Maj Toure, about how he is tackling gun violence and the erosion of Second Amendment rights in urban communities.

I’ve been meaning to write a follow up to my initial piece since that talk – and now, seeing Republican Majority Whip Steven Scalise shot in the hip in broad daylight while playing baseball, I’ve finally made the time.

Maj Toure describes himself as a “solutionary” in dealing with gun violence (I highly recommend you watch the interview to get a better idea of what Black Guns Matter is about, he has a very unique and valuable perspective).

As someone who tends to lean to the pragmatic, realpolitik approach in a lot of areas, I totally agree with him: what we are currently doing about gun violence is not working, and therefore, we need to try something different.  

I have shared this quote many a time, and I know it is cliche, but I say it again (because clearly the various leftists and Democrats do not seem to understand it), likely proving my own insanity in the process: insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

We see it in strict-gun-laws Chicago.

We see it in strict-gun-laws New York City.

We saw it at the Pulse shooting that killed 49 people, which happened one year ago this past Monday. We’ve had a year to put it together: maybe, making a place such as a night club a “gun free zone” only disarms the good guys who could have stopped Omar Mateen.

Today, in Alexandria, there was an armed security detail protecting the Congressmen and others who were present. Two Capitol Police officers were also shot. However, thanks to those good men who acted bravely and had the means to protect the innocent, the shooter was taken down.


Tell me, because I’m just not quite understanding.

Disarming The Good Guys Is Not A Solution To Gun Violence

There are actual people on Twitter tweeting that “maybe the Republicans will finally address gun control after it happened to their own”.

How in the world is restricting the number of guns in the hands of good people going to help end the gun violence problem  in America? 

I remember watching 9/11 happen on the news when I was 9 years old. I remember being absolutely terrified. And I remember my dad giving me a comforting thought: look at all of the good people, helping. Look at the police, the firemen, the volunteers who immediately risked their lives to save others. Who ran into a burning building to guide people to safety.

To this day, it makes me tear up when I think of heroes. Whether in the military, law enforcement, public services, or simply citizens who see something wrong and try to help, even when it means putting themselves at risk. It’s something I always look for when things seem frightening – there are always good people. There is always hope.

Now, of course, guns were not much help in that situation, but I feel the same way looking at this tragedy today.

Many people acted heroically to take care of the wounded. Congressmen and aides rushed to apply a tourniquet and pressure to Rep. Scalise’s wounds.

But they couldn’t have done any of that had armed security and armed police not been there to secure the situation.

The good men today had guns. The good men today were trained, capable, and brave. Firearms are tools – and today, these men used those tools to protect the innocent.

This idea that we need to take these valuable tools out of the hands of good people, while ignoring the fact that bad people will acquire them just as much as they do now, is idiotic and wrong.

And we need to do everything we can to end it.

We will never eliminate 100% of gun violence in America – but encouraging the good citizens of this nation to exercise their right to protect themselves is an excellent first step.

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