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What to expect:

  • Powerhouse senators like Marco Rubio and Dianne Feinstein  will be grilling Jeff Sessions regarding Russia probe.
  • Jeff Sessions will not be answering much about his role as the Attorney General. He is testifying today as a witness to a criminal probe, as Jeff Sessions the citizen, not Jeff Sessions the Attorney General.
  • Jeff Sessions will face a tough choice: protect himself and possibly leave his boss [President Trump] hanging out to dry, or possibly put himself in a corner and protect President Trump.
  • Watch for Democratic senators to accuse Jeff Sessions of perjury for not disclosing meetings with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak two times as a senator, with an apparent third meeting being reported that Sessions and his team have denied.
  • Some questions will be asked of Jeff Session’s role in the firing of former FBI Director James Comey. Democrats may attempt to trap him by asking that if there is a “recusal” of himself from anything involving the Russia probe, how could he fire James Comey, who was involved in apparent Russia investigation?
  • Don’t expect too much in terms of fireworks from this hearing. The Justice Department, Jeff Sessions, and the Senate Intelligence Committee this past weekend hashed out agreements on what can and cannot be talked about, what is out of bounds. Expect the chairman of the meeting to keep the agreement upheld by regulating the committee members questioning.

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