Bee Warned: The Next Global Warming Is “Save The Bees”

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I’m not a scientist, nor an expert on anything science related. I have, however, spent years following the behaviors and talking points of the left, looking to debunk them along the way. The next one I believe they will push: “save the bees.”

Climate Change is something that is undeniably happening. The unanswered question is how much of an effect humans have on climate change, if any at all. It’s something that needs to be looked at further. Like climate change, there is actual data that the honey bee population is in peril, on a rapid decline. Honey bees are absolutely essential to agriculture and numerous other industries. If honey bees were to go extinct with no substitution or remedy in place, the world’s food supply is in a serious danger.

Right now, you’re probably ready to mobilize and start demanding that more research be done and more actions taken to save the bees. And I agree with you one hundred percent. The issue I see, is one of the slippery-slope variety. The issue with this new movement to save the bees is that we simply cannot pin down why exactly the population is dying in massive rates. Some have cited habitat destruction and pesticides, among a combination of other issues. None of those explain the massive issue of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), the issue where worker bees abandon the queen and a few nurse bees, causing the colony to die. There is no scientific consensus as to why this phenomenon happens.

Like climate change, there is no exact reason cited for the crisis before us. Because the science is “open,” the left may see this as an opportunity. By funding scientists who will find data that agrees with the left’s hypothesis, they will create an an echo chamber. Afterwords, they will use these findings to implement regulations. Some of these regulations may help, but most will simply gut the effected industries and allow countries around the world to take over market share. Globalism at its finest. Be ready for the United Nations, environmental groups, and anyone who subscribes Media Matters talking points to begin pushing for this narrative. They have already started the meme warfare.

The point of this article isn’t to bash concern for the environment, the essential bee population or to bash science. it is an article to tell you to wait for the science to be settled before we get government too involved. Be on you feet, whether it is to prepare for left-wing narratives or to prepare to actually save the bees.

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