Growing Anti-Muslim Sentiment Across The European Union

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Instead of waiting to rescue migrants at risk of drowning when their flimsy craft capsizes several Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) have decided to skip that all together. Increasingly, they are a taxi service for migrants. One of the first reports I came across was last December; through arranged radio contact with smugglers “NGO ships are directed to the ‘rescue spot’ even as those to be rescued are still in Libya.”

The situation in Europe is will only deteriorate. How much fear and uncertainty will Europeans put up with? When will citizens demand an end to the destruction of their communities? After each Islamic terror attack, before fresh blood has been scrubbed from the sidewalk, cowed politicians march in front of cameras to proclaim Muslims engaged in terror and violence “are nothing to do with Islam”. The crowd at the pub isn’t buying that crap anymore.

The political class sold African immigration to Europeans under the guise of humanitarian aid. You must save those souls fleeing violence and famine they declared. After decades of non-stop indoctrination to accept not just multiculturalism, but cultural relativism the people could not resist.

During those thirty-odd-years politicians also worked feverishly at legislating away sovereign borders. The EU took control of immigration. The zeitgeist meant anyone speaking out against the new comers was labelled xenophobic and a racist. Hate crime laws were created.

The lie of the globalists is now bearing its natural fruit.

You can’t import an incompatible dogmatic culture into a diverse secular society and not expect trouble. The smart move is to send foreign aid to the corrupt, over-populated, illiterate masses (at least that was standard operating procedure for a very long time) and let them sort it out.

If the goal isn’t to eradicate famine in the third world, but to create world changing societal disruption, well then you import the trouble into a sane stable region. All of it financed by the European worker—Germany being the most productive country inside the EU—and the social-welfare state they’ve created over the preceding 60 years since the Second World War.

Where is Europe today?

The minimum to be expected is complete economic collapse. EU youth unemployment rate is reported at 17% but is more likely above 30% (but we were told Europe needed workers!). We know the Syrian refugee story is phony; a scant twenty percent of so called refugees are from Syria, with most coming from a half dozen corrupt African nations.

The global elite are in a full court press to cram has many migrants as possible into Europe in the least amount of time. After each terror attack people are less free. Shops and bridges are battle-hardened with balustrades—but not until innocents have been ripped apart by a speeding truck.


Many conservative Europeans are waking up to reality.

They see their future being stolen by Islamic terrorism, risks of civil war, and martial law. Put demographics aside, think from the perspective of a young adult, and see the Europe of your parents washing away.

Look for grassroots groups within Europe to mount evermore resistance to stop the infiltration of Islamic activist groups, hate preaching Imams, and sharia law. Of note, the government of Slovakia has passed legislation to block Islam from gaining official status as a religion, a sure sign of growing anti-Muslim sentiment across the European Union.


There will be more public protest against the Islamization of Europe.

It is to be seen if these organizations will model (or learn from) the English Defense League (EDL) and the Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisisation of the Occident or PEGIDA.

Perhaps the rise of Human traffickers, helped by NGOs (MOAS, Jugend Rettet, Stichting Bootvluchting, Médecins Sans Frontières, Save the Children, Proactiva Open Arms,, Sea-Eye and Life Boat) to directly import boatloads of African men onto the shores of Italy, is the tipping point. (Check-out this video of the marine traffic is here.)

One protest group has emerged against human smuggling activity in the Mediterranean. is trying to equip itself with ships to physically disrupt the corrupt NGOs. Defend-Europe, as I understand it, comes out of the French Identitarian movement (Generation Identity/Identitarian), a political movement created in 2012 to fight against the Islamisation of Europe.

More economic opportunists will be moving out of Africa during these summer months. No one believes Islamic terrorism will just disappear from the European continent. Weasel politicians such as London Mayor Sadiq Khan will condescend to tell you terrorist attacks are “part and parcel” of living in a big city.

That opposition to the cultural takeover of Europe is on the rise will surprise no one paying attention this last decade. Question is can resistance achieve any success against the State sanctioned threat all Europeans now face, or has that ship sailed?

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