Backlash As Mainstream Media Takes On Youtuber Philip DeFranco

Backlash As Mainstream Media Takes On Youtuber Philip DeFranco

And people still wonder why independent media sources, such as popular Youtuber Philip DeFranco, are more popular than the mainstream media?

On the day before Comey’s testimony to the Senate, the mainstream media yet again shot themselves in the foot by pushing fake news.

And no, this was not from the New York Times or the Washington Post.

This article was from the Verge – a media network owned by Vox. (Boy, is that a surprise?)

Their article, “YouTube’s Gossip Vloggers Have Created Their Own Tabloid Industry” explains what gossip looks like in the internet.

They detail Youtubers such as Keemstar who talks about drama, and small channels that focus on drama in the beauty vlogger community.

What was a surprise is that they attacked centrist Youtuber Philip DeFranco.

They give a brief detail on his show format, stating that he “sits, late-night-style, on a couch, as he comments on the week’s news”.

The writer, Lizzie Plaugic, basically describes DeFranco’s show as just another gossip show. A show where all he does is give his take on Youtube Drama, seemingly as though not know what he is talking about.

“Philip DeFranco tries to position himself as an objective, buttoned-up talk show host, even though his eponymous show is all about his take on the biggest names in YouTube drama.” says one portion of the article.

On an episode of his daily show, DeFranco read the article and called the author out, wondering if when he talks about DeFranco’s “gossip” about the biggest names in Youtube, the author means videos such as those criticizing the Verge and Wall Street Journal for their lack of journalistic ethics when covering PewDiePie?

He also spoke about how these big companies misrepresented PewDiePie, which affected him in his deals between Disney and Youtube Red.

He then ends his takedown of Ms. Plaugic by saying that the lack of  honest journalism that people like her represent are the reason why independents are receiving more audience than the mainstream.

“When more and more people see poorly researched, bulls*** take down pieces, it just reminds them that you are soon to be the past.” – DeFranco

DeFranco also attacks Forbes’ piece on him.

Author Dan Spinelli describes DeFranco as just another conservative, Trump loving, right-wing commentary channel.

In the article, he groups DeFranco with conservative commentators such as Hunter Avallone and Andy Warski. He adds in that their “Trump loving, SJW hating” content is the reason why advertisers would pull away thus having Youtube demonetize their videos.

DeFranco had to put him in his place.

Dear Mainstream Media: when you attacked Trump, you lost. When you attack the independent new media, guess what?

You also lose.

Stop blaming Trump or fake news. Start admitting that you guys have mislead thousands of people with your lies and get over it.

This is not just for the big monsters like New York Times and Washington Post. This also goes for outlets such as Mic, Vice Buzzfeed and Vox. If you keep pushing these false narratives, you will lose.

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