Justice For Chelsey

justice for chelsey

Young, beautiful, just starting out in life, the world is ahead and suddenly one day someone takes that away, takes away your safety, your security your faith in others, I’m going to tell you a story about a girl named Chelsey, but in part it’s a story for all the other “Chelseys,” out there right now.  Chelsey, a mother of three went out for a night with her mother and her mother’s friend. She had a drink at the pub with them, but the next thing she knew, her life had changed forever.

Chelsey, woke up in a room, mostly empty, undressed and disorientated. When she came to she realized she didn’t know where she was and she found her bearings and immediately saw a man there in the room with her and ran for the locked door, trying desperately to get out of the room. The man laughed at her and smashed her head against a wall telling her she was never getting out.

Then she says in her own words,” I was beaten quite badly on the staircase…he kicked me down a flight of stairs.” She got out of the room when the first man in the room with her when she awoke to let in a second man, she ran out the door trying to escape and that is when she was kicked down the stairs and reached the bottom the men pulled her up by her hair, slamming her and pinning her to the floor while she lay in front of the front door of the house surrounded by around 5 men. She escaped out of the front door running down the street still undressed, screaming. The men chased after her trying to pull her back in the house by her hair and she was able to still fight her way back out the door running to the door of a stranger with people in the neighborhood hearing her screaming and watching her running down the road.

She reported it to her local police, she underwent traumatic testing and photographing to gain and gather evidence of sexual assault. They documented two fluid samples and gave the evidence to the police. The following day 6 Syrian “refugees” were arrested and ultimately all were released on bail and have yet to be charged almost a year later. Meanwhile, Chelsey’s own brother sits in jail because he went to the house she was held at following their release. The local community has rallied around Chelsey, marching through town in solidarity for justice , petitions have been signed, signatures delivered and yet she still sits without any justice as the local government is too afraid to do anything because they are refugees.

Unfortunately, since her story went viral and she held her first march through town stories of many more “Chelseys,” have come out. Several girls are said to be coming forward with similar stories about being gang raped by refugees in their small English towns.  The reality is, there are many “Chelseys,” across Europe with stories of unbelievable horror and some of even death, brutally raped by refugees that are covered up as not to be seen as “racist,” or “islamophobic,” while these women suffer permanent damage or even death. Excuses are made for them such as they don’t know better because its their culture, or this is an acceptable or encouraged practice in their religion or communities, to even they are new to the area and still learning give them a pass.

We often see rapists never charged, let go, disappear, or given community service even with sufficient evidence, while European women are thrown aside traumatized and betrayed by their own government. We don’t hear these stories on mainstream media; these stories don’t go viral. Why? Its because it’s not a politically correct trend. We see women brutalized and cast aside. The police haven’t done a proper investigation or taken further action for Chelsey, or any of the other victims still without justice across Europe because they don’t want to rock the boat. The time has come to start standing up not just for the barbaric crime committed against Chelsey but for all of the European women similarly brutalized. Visit: justiceforchelsey.com and show your support and join in the cause to change this reality for so many British women. Join Chelsey and Tommy Robinson in Sunderland on Saturday, June 10th, 2017 as they march again through town to the police station with more petition signatures and they and the community ask once again for “Justice for Chelsey!”

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