Trump’s Paris Climate Accord Decision: Climate Change Denier or Savvy Businessman?

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Once again, it seems President Trump has managed to mass-trigger globalists and leftists the world over. On June 1, 2017, Trump announced his decision to withdraw the United States entirely from the non-binding Paris Climate Accord (PCA), and naturally, within minutes, he was under fire from the mainstream media for somehow single-handedly condemning the planet.

In the past, Trump’s judgment has been spot on a majority of the time when negotiating trade deals in America’s behalf. America has already begun to reap the benefits of Trump’s strategic business choices, and will continue to do so despite the Left’s best efforts to derail the ever-persistent Trump Train.

For those of you who may not know, the PCA was negotiated on December 12, 2015, by 195 countries within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). In theory, this agreement will supposedly reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere and subsequently prevent global warming from inflicting irreversible damage on the planet. The agreement also states that the threat of climate change can only be addressed through “the widest possible cooperation by all countries.” The only way to combat this problem, they tell us, is by working with the globalists.

That in and of itself should be enough to explain Trump’s decision to back out of this disastrous arrangement. But, let’s do more analysis here. Just how feasible is the PCA? What is it about this agreement that makes Trump so adamant about having nothing whatsoever to do with it?

Using the UN’s own climate prediction models, the PCA has the potential to reduce the world’s temperature by approximately three-tenths of one degree by the end of the century. Three-tenths of one degree by the year 2100. That means the PCA is achieving less than 1% of the emission cuts that are needed to meet the target temperatures laid out in the agreement. That means 99% of what the UN claims is necessary to control the earth’s climate will be left to leaders who come long after us. That means the PCA would have only accomplished a miniscule fraction of what it claims to be able to accomplish, at an astronomical expense to taxpayers in First World countries.

Under President Obama, the United States pledged to cut greenhouse gas emissions between 26-28% below 2005 levels by 2025. Anyone with a basic grasp of economics should realize the devastating effect such drastic cuts emboldened by the PCA would have on the U.S. economy. Without cost-effective alternative energy avenues to pursue, cutting these emissions so drastically would reduce our national GDP by more than 150 billion dollars a year and cost us a minimum of 6 million jobs. Now say we did adhere to Obama’s promise to the globalists for the rest of the century. Say we believe it will be worth the investment, it will be worth the trillions we spend over the next 80 years if it means we can stop “global warming.” What is the net result? Again, using the UN model, we would only postpone a temperature increase by about 8 months. Not nearly long enough a delay to justify the loss of so many millions of jobs, the perpetual growth of our national debt to irreparable levels, and the imminent collapse of our economy.

Based on these climate change projections, the PCA would be unable to accomplish its goals within our children’s, grandchildren’s, or even great-grandchildren’s lifetimes, during which we would see upwards of one-hundred trillion dollars flush itself down the drain at the hands of the globalists.

Crazy, isn’t it? But wait…there’s more!

Under the PCA, developed countries must additionally contribute $100 billion annually until 2025 to a green climate fund for third world countries, in efforts to supposedly help them switch from fossil fuels to greener sources of energy. Let’s just completely ignore the fact that even the United States has yet to figure out how to complete that switch in a feasibly manner…and focus instead on where all this money is coming from: American taxpayers.

Trump was elected on the premise that taxes would decrease. It’s a basic free market principle; the more money in the hands of the taxpayer, the more prosperous the economy, since each individual can fuel business by purchasing goods and services with his/her money. Americans like this because it works. They like having money to spend on themselves, their children, and their loved ones. And more often than not, they resent having that money stolen from them to fund an initiative that has no proof whatsoever of returning on their costly investment.

The “green climate fund” is nothing more than a piece of glorified foreign aid whose ROI is virtually nonexistent. Foreign aid that the United States is in no condition to provide until it can take care of its own infrastructure problems and mitigate larger portions of its national debt. As Trump always says, “America First.” But it makes sense now, doesn’t it? Why so many countries across the globe are outraged by the United States pulling out of the PCA? Because they won’t be getting our money anymore. And that pisses off globalists more than anything else.

The Paris Climate Accord is laughably unsustainable, ridiculously expensive, and unequivocally dangerous. The only things it accomplishes are spreading mass hysteria about climate change and putting more money into the hands of the globalists. President Trump knew this. He anticipated it. He made his move, and now he’s waiting for the globalists’ next move in this never-ending game of 4-Dimensional Chess.

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