No Paul Joseph-Watson, You’re Wrong; Generation Identity Are Not The Right-Wing SJWs


Conservative Infowars commentator Paul Joseph-Watson recently put out a video titled ‘The Truth About ‘Refugees’. In the video he describes the disastrous policies that have allowed the Islamic invasion of Europe to take place, before going on to talk about the people smuggling being carried out by NGO ships in the Mediterranean.

We know this is all true, so obviously he’s correct to state these things. Unfortunately though, he also does something else in the video – he completely writes off the Identitarian movement and its activism, claiming that the answer to the metapolitical madness is ‘not to resort to futile stunts and Identitarian vigilantism’.

Martin Sellner, the leader of the Identitarian movement in Austria, evidently had his feathers ruffled by this upload, and on his English speaking channel ‘Identitarian View’ he responded with a video which points out the obvious – that at least Génération Identitaire are actually making an effort to affect change. At least they are actually scaling buildings and taking to the streets. After all, they could just sit in their rooms in front of their laptops pouring sensationalist vitriol down their Webcam’s before uploading, couldn’t they?

Personally, and with the greatest of respect to Paul, I agree with Martin Sellner’s video. Putting your face on a t-shirt and declaring “Conservatism is the new counter-culture”, whilst asking for likes and subscribes is not going to change anything on the ground. Identitarianism has the potential to change things and is (I believe) a springboard to something even greater. It shows activism can be Art – clever, dynamic and thought provoking. Conservatism ™ will not inspire millenials to take up the mantle and protect their culture and heritage. Identitarianism will.

Paul’s critique of Identitarian activism is unfounded, and is clearly just a way for him to distance himself from a faction of The Right that might make him look too ‘extreme’ for some if he doesn’t disown it. Stating that Identitarian activists are ‘right-wing social justice warriors’ is ridiculous, and in many ways makes no sense; SJW‘s can be counted on to act like toddlers at playschool having a mass collective tantrum, with no desire for debate and no cohesive message on offering.

Right-wing activism is nothing like this, as demonstrated by the Identitarian movement in particular. If anything, Identitarians take their cue more from Greenpeace than anyone else.

I’ll give you an example: the Austrian branch of the Identitarian movement once placed a burqa over one of Vienna’s most well-known landmarks, a statue of Empress Maria Theresa. According to Martin Sellner: ‘The message was if you don’t stop what’s happening now, that will be the future of Vienna. All our heritage, what she was fighting for, what she built up, it’s destroyed now by our politicians.’

This is hardly akin to Antifa hitting people with bike locks whilst chanting ‘No Trump, no KKK, no Fascist USA,” is it?

After all, it’s true many people have been swiftly red-pilled by PJW and the like, but I think we need to go further and actually inspire people to take to the streets and draw peoples attention to what really matters; the reality, the truth.

And the truth, if you choose to accept it, is that by the year 2030 at least 10% of the French population is predicted to be Muslim. At least!

We know Islam in the western world is morphing into something more and more radical (and, consequently, something much closer to what Islam is really all about). Obviously, as a result of this, Muslim women will be expected to cover their faces more and more. Let’s say Muslim woman make up half of the 10% by the year 2030 – thus making up 5% of the overall French population. What does this mean?

It means that, if we imagine someone in Paris walking around in 13 years time, every 1 in 20 people that he or she sees will be veiled.

This is just one example of what I’m talking about; we can paint an image of the future in our minds by looking at Demographics.

So, what does veiling a statue of Empress Maria Theresa do to halt the Islamic invasion then? What does it do to win the demographic war – of which we are losing? Well, it might not seem like it does much, but what a stunt like that does do is make people think. I believe this sort of activism is far more effective than simply handing out leaflets or shouting down a megaphone (although, to be fair, Génération Identitaire does that as well). Plus the potential for it and its creativity is enormous

Génération Identitaire is a third way. It’s an intelligent movement carved out by young people as a clear antithesis to the sort of mindless flag waving hooliganism that gives Nationalism a bad name. It is academic in its approach to securing a future for European heritage and civilization against a wave of Islamic creep, pushed by those who support a meaningless multiculturual Marxist agenda.

Génération Identitaire is committed to waking people up with its activism. They obviously strive to break the cycle of “tolerance” and “hashtags” that we are met with by the establishment every time a terrorist attack occurs. They are fueled by a desire to enlighten people – that the world their grandchildren will live in won’t be the one we know, it will be foreign and alien instead.

As Sellner puts it,” Activism is an essential part of the counter-culture, just like alternative media is – both of them are complimentary… Migrants are chess figure in Globalisation, they’re victims of this process just like we are and our real enemies are the globalist political elites.”

As more and more young people in Europe seek meaning to their lives more and more will join political movements. This is obviously a good thing for Génération Identitaire, but unfortunately, it’s also a very good thing for Antifa and other far-left groups as well. As tensions grow between different groups, more organised ideologicaly driven conflict will take place, thus setting the stage for a youth civil war in Europe. This is the future we are being inexorably pulled into.

One fitting aspect of this is that one of Génération Identitaire’s chants is “Europe, Youth, Reconquista!” Ostensibly, there’s little doubt in their minds that their European homeland needs to be taken back.

All I can say, is that if future demographic projections are anything to go by, this idea may become a reality (in some form). The Identitarian movement should be viewed as the peaceful protesters that they are – a youth unit greatly concerned with what world their children and grandchildren will be born into. They’re not Neo-Nazis and they’re not far-right thugs. They are a group born from an idea – an idea derived from frustrations at peoples lack of foresight to see what is inevitable.

And they’re certainly not “vigilantes” either.

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