I’m Sorry Liberal Elites, You Are Playing Right Into The Hands Of ISIS


Love conquers fear. That is a verse from the book of 1st John. The question becomes, if you love your home, should you at least know who are knocking. Will they assimilate to the rules of your home or do they have plans to destroy it?

This is the problem coming from the liberal elites when responding to yet another terrorist attack.

After the horrific event weeks ago at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester involving a terrorist attack that killed many people including children, Grande announced a benefit concert to aid the victims weeks later.

So far, it has raised over 2 million Euros.

“We won’t let hate win” the popstar said.

But I’m sorry Grande, Miley, and every liberal musician who is performing at the concert, but letting hate win is exactly what you are doing.

These artists are playing into ISIS’s hands.

ISIS, who just recently claimed responsibility for yet another terrorist attack in London is enjoying their ramblings.

ISIS understands that Western Leftist Liberals are all unique and equally ignorant.

These liberals have deluded themselves that whenever an attack happens, they need to remember their false doctrine to be proudly displayed.

“Don’t blame Islam extremism.”

“It was just someone sick.” and of course,

“Remember, we can’t let hate win or divide us.”

The reason these liberals can’t say this is that they are Islamophobia phobic.

Many Ex-Muslims have used this term as being afraid of being Islamophobic or criticizing Islam.

And this is what many liberal elites and their followers have. Islamophobia phobia. The fear of being Islamophobic or to being called “racist” for criticizing Islam.

ISIS is not stupid. They know all they need to do is keep committing these attacks. So then when they happen, the elites will not blame Islamic extremism due to fears of being called Islamophobic. They will also continue to use hashtags like #PrayFor and change their social media display pictures to “stand up for hate”.

This is exactly what ISIS wants. It’s perfectly planned.

The elitists think they are winning with love, but really they are just dividing their communities and feeding more into ISIS plan to conquer countries.

They say, “we will not let hate win” and “love always wins”, but really they are letting hate win when their countries don’t change their method in bringing people who have extremist ideas in to their countries.

But love doesn’t defeat people who come to a country or live in a country and start to become more radicalized just because they hate the western culture.

Countries such as Japan, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary has accepted a few refugees or none. Should we explain to these artists why there has been no terrorist attacks in regards to trucks killing people and stabbings yelling out, “This is for God”, there?

By the way, Japan’s capital city, Tokyo has a population of 36 Million while compared to UK’s London and Manchester is under 12 million.

But I’m sorry to Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande, it must be easy to preach love and acceptance from your walled mansions in the relative safety of America.

I understand Miley and Ariana believe they are doing the right thing. they just don’t know what the right thing is. They are so detached and full of themselves, they actually believe that ISIS will be defeated with hashtags and social media links.

This is not the solution. Their Love will not conquer hate. Calling ISIS out for what it is is a good first step.

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