CNN Exposed…Again


CNN admits to directing a demonstration that supposedly happened in London in the aftermath of the latest attack on the London Bridge. Seven people died and forty-eight were injured. Because this has been exposed by every news outlet in the nation, CNN admits that they were indeed out there ‘reporting’ after the attack, and happened upon a demonstration by chance. Really CNN? Do you honestly think you have any credibility in the public eye?

This is a demonstration by alleged Muslims denouncing and decrying the London Bridge attack.

Unfortunately for CNN, they’ve been caught pulling just about every deceptive act in journalism that there is. If you are honest with yourself, do any of CNN’s anchors look or talk or act like a real journalists? Mark Antro and Mike Cernovich have been credited with releasing very damning video of CNN being -well CNN.

Anyone with ethics or morals, even if they took a decent journalism class knows how wrong this is. The act of staging people, putting signs in their hands, and directing them to do what they want their cameras to catch? The actual footage shows the signs being handed out, the seasoned director ordering the whole group into their places. Full on with professional lighting and cameras.

CNN has been caught staging Gulf War chemical attacks, caught using green screens, who can forget Anderson Cooper’s camouflage nose? Posted right up on there is the story- Shock Video: CNN stages #fake news.

The whole illusion of the protections of global government are fallen. The mainstream media has been caught several times lying to us about several things repetitively, especially CNN. Capitalizing on tragedy and grief when real people are dying and real families are being destroyed.  We are tired of your Alinsky tactics you thieves and tyrants!

Remember Nancy Grace and Ashleigh Banfield? When they were at the Newtown Connecticut school shooting, where they were sitting there, supposedly talking to somebody on satellite, but the exact same vehicles were seen passing behind these ladies on both of their streams on the very same road they were both reporting from side by side. Talk about a massive way to show how stupidly evil they are, famously faking their way through the internet straight to our minds.

Actual fake, staged, imaginary, theatrical news. Thanks CNN. Just love when one of their obnoxious racist anchors looks at us every time with those soulless, yet condescending eyes. Gotta love the counterfeit, synthetic, unreality that you trashiest of all the crack whores push on us. While the enemy- the inbred ISIS and their supporters were partying and rejoicing over the attack in actual reality, CNN still pulls these dirty tricks no matter how many times they are exposed. Even involving children, to exploit the dead. Never waste a good crisis eh?

Why is it such a tall expectation to hear pure truth?  

Remember this one? Where on NBC’s Today show Katie Couric and Matt Lauer had to play it cool when a woman was trying to paddle in a boat in only about eighteen inches of water?

This article could be a magazine easily with all of the examples when the mainstream media tried to pull the wool over the public’s eyes and over time it has cost them viewers. When the last of the baby boomers go- they are finished. Maybe sooner at the pace their ratings have been dropping down to embarrassing levels.


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