Arrested Development: London Bridge Terror and Dysfunctional Spies

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Quick review: February of 1942 President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066 to authorize the Secretary of War to establish “military areas” that forced all persons of Japanese ancestry from the West Coast. This order forced some 130,000 Japanese Americans to relocate from western states and parts of Arizona. The order was in effect until March 20, 1946.

Months earlier the Canadian government did much the same. After the December 1941 attack on Pearl Harbour Canadians of Japanese heritage were removed from their homes and sent to internment camps and to farms across Canada. This practice was continued in Canada until 1949.

I’m bringing this up not to debate or justify what has been done, I leave that to others. What I want to consider is what a sane government might implement today to protect its nationals from the ever increasing threat wrought by the wholesale importation of a culture wholly incompatible, as currently configured, with liberal western values, namely Islam.

Couple points. First, prior to FDR issuing the EO over 5000 Japanese “community leaders” were arrested and kept in custody immediately after Pearl Harbour. Second, the Canadian government shut down all Japanese-language newspapers. After all, this was a time of war, the war to end all wars.

Therefore, given sufficient political will the State can and will do anything it seeks to do.

Look at Britain these past 3 months, families are burying loved ones from the London Bridge attack, as young Manchester girls are still in hospital wondering how they’ll live without the arm or leg torn off in the blast of a Muslim wearing a suicide nail-bomb.

What the hell is British (American, Canadian) security forces doing? Has not enough blood of innocents spilled on their ancient sidewalks? This open borders thing is getting a lot of people killed. When will liberals wake-up?

Sure enough, after most attacks come the usual “suspects were known”, “previously under surveillance”, and “recently returned from Libya”. This isn’t 1942. If only governments had the tools required to collect information they might be able to—hold on a sec, Britain & London are among the most surveilled societies on the planet. Are terrorists somehow invisible to detection, or cloaked behind a shield of political correctness? Mmm.

Today’s cyber technologies likely have about a million times greater capacity to detect threats. Who knows maybe they can even attach cameras to remotely controlled aircraft and fly over suspect locations and—oh, apparently they have this to, they’re called drones (order one on Amazon and it might be delivered by a drone).

Still we don’t see much happening.

You’d think authorities might raid a few mosques, arrest some imams, maybe even shut down entrepreneurs printing all those ISIS flags (the flags CNN never points out are ISIS flags).

We can’t blame this lack of publicly visible action on professional incompetence (granted, of course there is much we don’t see or hear of, as it should be. Without question, secrecy is valid to national security.), are thousands of “spies” hanging out on social media waiting for an islamophobic tweet, or might law enforcement be following political diktats? Pick one.

Regardless, people are dead and jihadi terror attacks in UK are clear indication the current model of protecting the homeland is wildly dysfunctional. How else are we to understand a policing system that keeps letting soon-to-be killers go free? When apprentice Muslim terrorists are seen on TV displaying the flag of ISIS and no one in MI5 says boo, it’s past time to consider your fellow citizens to be in mortal danger.

Will things change overnight?

No. Expect more deaths from Islamic terrorism in the West, calls for the internet to be regulated, and for police to arrest people for tweeting about the many failures of immigration and multiculturalism. Just don’t expect MI5 to raid radical jihadi-incubator mosques anytime soon.

Like I said, given sufficient political will the State will do pretty much anything it seeks to do.

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