Speaking The Truth Is Dangerous. I’ll Do It Anyway.

Speaking The Truth Is Dangerous. I'll Do It Anyway.

I have become very busy in the past few weeks. I launched my new Youtube show, Right Millennial, I’ve been on Periscope, I’ve been on other podcasts, and I’ve been of course on Twitter. It’s a lot of fun, but to be honest, I’ve missed just writing. Sitting down, letting the thoughts come, sharing them with as much of the world as I can.

It feels like coming home. It always does.

As you can probably tell, my job is multifaceted. Co-owner of the Halsey News Network, writer, Periscoper, commentator, pundit, host of Right Millennial, content creator, Twitter addict, manager, editor, the list goes on – but one thing, above all others, defines my career.  I’m a professional truth teller.

I have been writing about politics and related issues for almost a year now. I am still learning, especially as I make my way out into multiple platforms and formats, but I like to think I’m pretty good at what I do. Do I get everything  I talk about right? Of course not. I have made mistakes, and I’m certain that I will continue to do so.

But I can promise one thing: I will never, ever, willfully speak a lie to my readers. I will never lie to make money. I will never lie to get attention.

Most of all?

I will never lie because I am too afraid to tell the truth.

I’ve come to believe that most in the mainstream media lie (often by omission) for this very  reason – fear. Fear of losing their jobs. Fear of losing their friends. Fear of losing their families. Fear of legal action. And, of course, the very real fear of violence or even death because they told the truth about Islam.

So, instead, the media, cowards that they are, proceed to aid in the bigotry of the anti-free speech and pro-Sharia crowds, all while proclaiming their own hollow virtuousness.

And  I have experienced this personally.

A couple of days ago, I awoke to a text message from my business partner, sharing an article from my local paper’s online edition.

Speaking The Truth Is Dangerous. I'll Do It Anyway.

“She Sells Seething Hate For Islam” totally reminded me of this.

The article, titled “She sells seething hate for Islam”, reads like your typical poorly-written hit job by a bored local journo with nothing important to write about.

Author Chris Malette made an amusing observation about how many “Russian dating site ads” there are on Halsey News, apparently not understanding that Google Ads are based on his search history. He also ends his 800-odd word diatribe about how awful I am with an admonition to ignore me. Really, it was quite a funny piece, though I’m not sure comedy was what he was going for.

Unlike previous hit pieces, which I will address another time, this one, at least, did not misrepresent me too much. Sure, they sneakily tried to make me sound alt-right (LOL), they lied about Halsey News, they implied I blocked them just because I’m a snowflake and not because they commented on almost every tweet and were incredibly obnoxious, etcetera (I should have just muted them, anyway. But when I went to unblock them, they had blocked me…)

However, they quoted my tweets directly, and I have no problem with anything I said that was used in the article. It seems they don’t really have much of a problem with what I said, either, seeing as they didn’t even try to refute a single word of it. 

They did what leftists always do when it comes to Islam – assume that Islam must be good, and that if someone says that Islam is bad, they must be wrong. Looking at the facts and then developing a conclusion seems to be a foreign concept to much of the left.

Not only am I wrong, but I’m a horrible and bad person, worthy of being written up on a wall of shame!

This is why people are afraid to speak. No one wants what happens to me to happen to them.

I’m not going to stand here and say that I have never been afraid because of what I do. Am I scared of Chris Malette of InsideBelleville.com specifically?  No.

However, the reality of speaking truth is not glamorous. And I will not lie to you, and say that I’m never afraid. I don’t want to lie to you at all. I want to be a voice of openness and honesty whenever I can. It’s who I want to be as a writer, and if the response I get is any indication, it’s who my readers want me to be, too.

I’m terrified to speak up against Islam. I’m just a lot more afraid of not speaking up against it.

The absence of fear is not bravery – to me, bravery is doing what is right, and saying what is right, even when you are afraid.

I want more people to be brave. I want more people to learn about Islam, to speak up, to tell the truth. I want more people to give their voices, so many that they cannot silence us all.

But it’s not that easy – and I can sympathize.

Speaking The Truth Is Dangerous. I'll Do It Anyway.

A few of the dozens of slanderous tweets from Totally Not Chris Malette™

“Regular people” don’t speak up about dangerous ideas for the same reasons that the  media stays silent. They don’t want to get hurt. Who does? And for many people, they simply look at the reward of impact, and decide that taking such a large personal risk for such a small gain is a poor decision.

I’m fortunate that I have a pretty large audience, an audience made up of some of the most supportive and wonderful people on the internet. I also have an exceptionally supportive team in my corner. I have wonderful friends. I have a job which is not at risk when I become embroiled in controversy.

My family for the most part do not share my views, and I’m sure they will be very angry when they see this hit piece. Not because it was written about me, but because I gave them the content to do so. They will stand by me as their daughter, but they do not see what I am doing as a good use of free speech or as a commitment to speaking truth.

My government is firmly on the side of those who hate the truth. We do not have true freedom of speech in Canada. We do not have an equivalent to the First Amendment. We have a huge problem with Islamic influence in our laws.


No matter how many challenges I may face for speaking truth, I don’t see myself ever backing down. I believe strongly in free speech, in the marketplace of ideas, in making the world a better place through words, not violence.

I hope that no true legal challenges ever come my way. I hope that it will always be me versus silly trolls like Chris Malette and his totally-not-him troll accounts under fake names on Twitter, spreading falsehoods about me being on welfare or living in social housing.

But it would be foolish of me not to consider and prepare for the worst. My platform has grown and grown over the past few months, and I am hopeful that it will continue to grow. With more eyes on what I’m doing, I am confident that these sorts of ridiculous liberal attacks will continue to happen.

So I am asking you this: when you see people being attacked for their views in local media, stand up for them. I’m going to be fine, personally, but there are people who will choose to silence themselves to avoid dealing with this sort of abusive behavior from the press. Do not leave those people alone. Fight for them, and stand behind them. They need you desperately.

My many, many American friends, this applies especially to you. You have a glorious First Amendment to protect you from the government infringing upon your speech. Those of us in Canada and the UK, for example, do not. We need you to amplify our voices through your freedom. And I appreciate the many Americans who have stood by me and done just that.

I know that what I say about Islam is not some bizarre fringe opinion – it’s just not one that is commonly shouted loudly as I do. We’re out there, leftists, and we’re not giving in to political correct tyranny.

Be louder. Be braver. Be stronger. Speak the truth, without fear.

The victims of Islamic terror across the world need you.

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