Cosmopolitan Gets Caught with Fake News

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Last week marked a devastating tragedy in the city of Manchester. And while different outlets were reporting the brave acts of different groups assisting the victims of these attacks. One outlet, Cosmopolitan, was irresponsible by spreading false information.

Twitter user, Harjinder S. Kukreja, posted an image of a taxi driver in Manchester offering help to victims of the attack. The post clearly shows a Sikh driver offering free rides to anyone, including food and accommodation. That didn’t stop Cosmopolitan editor Mylie Torres for using a photo to spread a false agenda.

This sparked a big response from different users on Twitter quickly criticizing Cosmopolitan’s lack of information.

Even the Sikh Press Association also told Cosmopolitan to change it ASAP. The SPA said Cosmopolitan are misinforming millions.

So it’s just a minor mistake. It doesn’t sound very important right?

No the problem is that although Cosmopolitan deleted the original tweet, they never published an apology tweet. They also have yet to apologize to the Sikh press and community. This is coming from a magazine that has articles included like “10 Things Guys Absolutely Hate about 69-ing” and “4 Mind-Blowing Oral Sex Positions.”

This is the problem that has been occurring when outlets spread false information. Because when their statements are inaccurate, they still don’t issue an apology.

Last week Fox News issued a retraction of their story regarding to the Seth Rich murder linking to a “conspiracy theory” that he was in contact with WikiLeaks. This shows that Fox has the balls to admit their errors but you don’t see that in the articles by liberal outlets such as Wall Street Journal, Slate, Salon and of course Cosmopolitan.

So please Cosmo, continue on telling me that girls who have Kim Kardashian as their spirit animal should be my soulmate. But don’t write a story talking about Muslim cab driver offering free rides when using a photo of a Sikh man. Or better yet, hire more culturally-educated writers in your staff that can determine what a Muslim looks like, and what a Sikh looks like.

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