Six Days After Manchester Nothing Has Changed

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Six days have passed since the Manchester Arena bombing. When reports of the terror attack began it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure which ‘community’ had contributed to the bloody murder. Another devout Muslim had triggered his suicide bomb in the name of his Islam and its Prophet to further violent jihad against the West.

I understood what had happened and no, I wasn’t waiting for the media to identify the killer as some misunderstood drifter Buddhist. Behaviors repeated by the same group of people over a period of time, say 1400 years, makes identifying the root source simple.


That is unless you happen to be a politician, celebrity, or the legions of politically correct   writers posing as journalists in the UK media. The night of the Manchester bombing into the wee hours, I scanned through 7 UK online publications:;;;;;;

Prime Minister Teresa May, in her Manchester statement declared, “[W]e can continue to resolve to thwart such attacks in future, to take on and defeat the ideology that often fuels this violence”, she has chosen not to inform fearful law-abiding British citizens. As usual her words are free of helpful information. (This is all we can expect from politicians courting the Muslim vote aka; all of them)

May made much the same kind of vacuous statement in March after another Muslim expressed his devotion to Mohamed when he drove a car over pedestrians in Westminster. As the dead and injured were being dealt with May would characterize the event as “a sick and depraved” attack that hit the “heart of London”. This would be obvious to even the most casual observer such as the Prime Minister of Canada or someone from Mars.

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Teresa May went further to confirm her contempt for British society, in her speech in parliament March May insisted: “It is wrong to describe this (Westminster) as Islamic terrorism.” Please make it stop! George Orwell had nothing on this traitor, this quisling May.

That same day talk show host James Corden in a taped introduction to his evening show explained, “It’s still unknown what the motives [of the attackers] were.” Can forgive a celebrity, whose livelihood relies on current affairs as the manna his of comedy? No. He’s just another cultural-Marxist toeing the party line.

Be worried that your supposed leaders will never speak of Islam, Muslims, and jihad in the same breath. Teresa May thinks Brits are so stupid she can declaim Islam has nothing to do with Islamic terror. And she gets away with it. They all do: Obama, Trudeau, and Macron.

Back in Manchester Tuesday morning recently elected Mayor Andy Burnham confirmed his detachment to reality. “It’s hard to believe what has happened here” he said outside Manchester Town Hall. He stated what in a freer era would not need to be stated aloud, “This was an evil act.” The BBC and others lap it up.

Each of the statements holds in common an adherence to political correctness. They maintain the lies of multiculturalism and cultural relativism. These statements are meant only to paper over the fresh blood of the victims and get back to the business of globalism, most visible on the ground as mass immigration.

NEWS FLASH! Somehow each of the independent UK publications had managed to exclude the same sorts of words from their pages. Seriously, in 18,000 odd words there was barely a mention, in a news reportage context of Islam, Muslims, and no hint of problems with radical mosques or unvetted immigration. There was no effort to put the deaths of British children by yet another disciple of the Quran into any historical background. Beyond a list of previous bloody events no dots were connected to enlighten the anxious reader. (No wonder that industry is all but dead.)


The good people of Manchester are never going to be whole again. Muslim terrorists have killed their children as Islam has killed the children of Germany, France, and America.

The censorship of political correctness that has seized the West is the stopper in the bottle of truth. The news media at-large are determined to have blood on their hands. By abiding their political masters many ‘journalists’ deny truth (surely, they can’t all be bonkers) and aid the enemy by refusing to reveal critical facts.

Until political correctness is purged millions of people’s lives will be put in jeopardy. Censorship always ends up with dead bodies in the street. With the willful submission of our leaders Islam is only emboldened to strike again. Six days after Manchester nothing has changed and your kids might be next.

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