The Plan: Does President Trump Have One?


As stated before in previous articles, President Trump may indeed have a plan for when the financial crisis hits. It will most likely depend on who brings the system down, and in what way, but hopefully many scenarios and plot changes have been well thought out and thoroughly gone over.

When too much debt has accumulated in any institution, it has to be cut. Even if the institution in question is the United States government. All they’ve ever had to do to get rid of the deep state and the central banks was to cut their funding.

President Trump is believed to be working with Russia, China, all of the Asian countries including North Korea, and many more. All of these countries realize that they have to set up trade amongst themselves, because soon the United States dollar will not be the reserve currency of the world. The way this works currently, people are using the American dollar to buy oil and other products from the rest of the world. We send them money, and they give product. Without the US dollar, there will be a huge adjustment to make.

President Trump is aware of every detail, and although he won’t be able to help everyone- he is doing everything in his power to prepare for the crisis ahead of time. There is going to be a major shift in this country from the old US dollar to a new currency of some sort. This new model will not include the central banks or the deep state.

But if anyone knows the deep state and central banks the way we do, then they’d know that they’re not gonna take this fatal  blow lying down. This is why the bad guys have been pushing this agenda so hard. Using all manner of distraction and propaganda to oust the president from his rightfully elected seat. All we have ever been is a war of consolidation to them. These inbred elites think we are so stupid they can just pull down the entire economy right in front of us, we the taxpayers that fund this country?

Here are some of the results reported from a study at the Motley Fool Asset Management site:

According to data collected by the University of Chicago and Northwestern University, just 15% of Americans trust the stock market, while a study by MFS Investment Management revealed that 40% of 18- to 30-year-olds believe they will never feel comfortable enough with stocks to invest in them. Ask Google if the stock market is rigged and you’ll find far more arguments for why individuals should not invest than for why they should. And that sentiment was an issue in this year’s election. A voter featured in an ad here in Virginia, for example, declared “If George Allen wants to risk his own money on Wall Street, that’s fine. But I don’t want him risking mine.”


They need us on their side. They can’t have the entire population turn on them obviously. It would be a bloody, but relatively short fight. So the governments will try to lure us into silence by promising consistent monthly income. A low amount no doubt, but still, income people can count on. Unfortunately, the fear is that we will lose much of our work force as they’re lulled into laziness, and then what will the markets look like? What will the country look like?

“The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” -Margaret Thatcher

Stocks and bond markets create the engine of free trade in this nation. Whether we own any or not is not the point. We need a healthy financial government. As it stands now, the central banks and deep state can always get more money from the Federal Reserve, but it’s a proven fact that these corrupt bureaucrats don’t want any smaller businesses getting any successful stocks. There have even been many studies written on how to keep the money in the stock markets out of the common man’s hands, and to keep it running well beyond it’s natural cycles. It’s called algorithmic trading, and it defies the natural economic laws.

It is over. The trading that existed down the centuries has died. We have an electronic market today. It is the present. It is the future.” – Robert Greifeld, NASDAQ CEO, April 2011

The conditions we will be living in will be rough and chaotic, no one will understand what is going on. No cash, a credit freeze. Any sane person will be very freaked out when they won’t be able to access their money. Some would argue however, that any sane person would have been listening to the warnings that so many of us have been giving. Not just us, but, doesn’t anyone ever take a good look at our nation’s numbers?

No. No one has.

That feeling when you don’t feel like doing something important, even though you know you should, and then you push it off onto someone else?

That’s how freedoms are stolen. Or given away really. Doesn’t really matter either way now does it? The budget is up to some ungodly number that the entire world’s GDP couldn’t cover and so it’s up to whomever we owe the most money to now isn’t it?

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