Manchester Attack Showed True Colors of the Left

Araina Grande post ManchesterAriana Grande Tweet following Manchester Terrorist Attack

It was a horrific evening last night in Manchester. A terrorist attack caused so much damage and was responsible for the loss of 22 lives, including many children, at an Ariana Grande concert.

While many users on social media were grieving from the atrocity, others were quick to add in that this attack was not Islamic and also attacked those who claimed the attack was Islamist, referring them as racists and xenophobes.

Oh, when isn’t ever a day when you hear a liberal attack those who are criticizing the terrorist, more than the actual terrorist!

It’s never a dull moment.

A singer from New York tweeted the attack was upsetting but to remember that white people killed children. Yes, because it is no surprise that someone from liberal New York who hasn’t dealt with encountering a terrorist attack is tweeting this.

Some others had protected their profile after being outed by conservative journalist Paul Joseph Watson but the internet doesn’t forget. These are screenshots of yet another privileged liberal who didn’t have to experience the attack.

Ariana’s tweet on the situation caused lots of debates between people saying she is responsible for the attack and that she was not responsible.

Many brought up her own quote on how she is pro-refugee, pro-open borders claiming this is just karma hitting her in a hard way.

Other celebrities and famous figures said it is not her fault and that we must pray and send love to these families.

Katy Perry also said in an interview that we don’t need borders, or barriers because we all just need to co-exist.

Justin, I love you. But this is not a surprise.

Of course the vigil that was held yesterday, people had signs such as “stand in solidarity”, “love will always win” and “come together” and “pray for Manchester”

I’m Christian, and I know prayer is a great tool when dealing with problems. If I have an exam next week, I will pray that God gives me wisdom. But I will also do my part.

The Bible says that God will help you but you have to do your part too.

And right now, the city of Manchester and practically the majority of people in the world who aren’t “woke,” are not doing their part.

Drake I love you but you don’t live in a city where migrants from a war torn country are the majority.

These celebrities need to stop with the politically correct nonsense because saying “my thoughts and prayers” won’t stop another terrorist attack.

Manchester and other cities in Europe will continue to go through these events if they don’t take action.

You said the same thing to Paris, Nice, Aurora, Orlando… and nothing is changing!

Do you really think the families of the deceased are going to be okay just because you send your thoughts and prayers? No! They want action. They want justice.

Does that mean to jail every Muslim? No! It means that these cities need leaders who will say no to terrorism, wherever the ideology is from. These leaders cannot be afraid of calling these attacks as the way it is. They cannot be afraid of being called racists by ignorant liberals who have never experienced terrorism the way others have.

I swear if any celebrity who keeps spreading this narrative that we need to work together when they don’t live in the cities that are not even safe for women to walk outside, I honestly may be done with Hollywood.

You don’t live in Malmo, Nice, Stockholm, Cologne and Frankfurt where there have been cases of migrants assaulting, raping and committing violence. So please, don’t talk without that perspective. Don’t talk about solidarity if you never encountered terrorism right up close. You want Islamic terrorist attacks to stop? Learn from Poland and Hungary who said no to migrants.

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