Everyday Feminism Is Begging For Money


Everyday Feminism is the website that will make you cringe if you read any articles from them. They may be worse than Buzzfeed and Mic. Oh who am I kidding, they are. However, the cringe worthy site has been at risk to shut down.

Their managing editor, Melissa A. Fabello revealed last weekend on snapchat that it might have to close its site by the end of this month unless it receives a bailout at least $50,000.

She quickly blames Donald Trump, fake news and assaults on Free Speech.

Hehe, fake news.

“Financially, I mean like for real for real.. we might not be able to exist after the month of May.” Fabello said.

Donald Trump is not hurting them. The truth why their site is in financial crisis is not because of Donald Trump or fake news. It’s themselves.

Just like CNN and every mainstream outlet that has been losing viewership this past year. It’s not alternative sites that are causing them to fall, it’s their own selves and their false narratives.

Conservatives analysts like Roaming Millennial, explains very well why there aren’t companies that are not putting their ads on Everyday Feminism’s page.

Because they don’t have anyone who has a degree in Business or Marketing.

Every employee in Everyday Feminism has a degree on; you guessed it! Gender Studies and anything related to Social Justice.

Their Social Media Associate Marina Watanabe says that she is sadden because now she on the job hunt. She then blames the system of capitalism on why now she has to go job hunting.

Since Marina believes that women should be equal to men, how about she goes to an agency and apply to become a construction worker? I know they pay great money for that.

At the top of their site, it says that they have launched an “Emergency May Booster Fund” page to collect from its viewers in order to keep maintaining their safe space site.

This is a site with titles such as Explaining White Privilege, From Manspreading to Mansplaining, and Here’s Why Reverse Racism Isn’t Real.

You’re right. There is no such thing as reverse racism because it’s just plain old racism. A white guy calling a black man to go back to Africa is just ignorant racism just as if a hispanic tells a brown person to go back to their smelly country.

If they want their site to be successful, they should first:

  1. Hire someone with a degree in Marketing and Business.
  2. Actually be for equality

And last one…

  1. Stop scapegoating men.

Because if they wrote articles on how abuse on men is a real thing. If they had articles on the abuse women receive in the Middle East, they may start receiving more traffic, thus means more revenue.

At the moment, their donation page has had a donation of $30,000.

If you want to contribute to help to their site…


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