Censorship, Turmoil and Zebras in America

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In the midst of the daily chaos in Trumpland the only truths one might reasonably expect to hold are Newton’s laws of motion, more CNN “Russia, Russia, Russia”, and exercises in creative journalism at the New York Times. Censorship of constitutionally protected speech by the likes of Ann Coulter or Gavin McInnes can’t possibly be the absolute end game of radicals.

Amid all the noise it seems reasonable to ask, “Is there any there there?”

Could it be something in the water, an epidemic of nihilism, or are the left so self-absorbed they dare not consider a reset? The danger being that pathological narcissism will eventually destroy everything it touches. At any rate, leftists have a trifecta of key objectives in play: ban words they don’t approve of; enforce non-biological gender codes by compelling use of approved words; delegitimize the office of the President. Conveniently for journalists the mutability of these narratives makes attempts at hard definitions difficult.

On the scene reportage has proven dangerous.

Rebels have no qualms about using say, a bike lock, glass bottle, or pepper spray in unprovoked assaults. Their dark clothing lets an individual assailant blend in against the crowd much like a single Zebra standing against his peers. This leads to imitative herd behavior, ranks swelling into the space behind the alphas. And dialogue with the enemy must be avoided at all cost as that’s considered giving in to power, much better to smash windows and make a statement for the ages.

It’s blatantly obvious they aren’t teaching history on many campuses. Censorship goes against pretty much everything that civilized society has held dear since the Enlightenment.  For these (mostly) white-leisure-class arsonists the best use of their college years, they’ve decided, is to destroy the products of capitalism that provides them the $50K moms (why?) fork over each semester.

Clearly it is parents that are not getting value for money at an awful lot of institutions.

If flaming street riots, eye-rolling on AC360, and demands for safe-spaces are the only things existentialists can bring to the party, and unless something changes soon, America’s constitutional democracy risks permanent damage. Actions have consequences. Someone needs to step up, take responsibility.

There must be a civilized way forward, one that has the old-stream-media publicly climbing down, upping their on-air pro-American ‘analysts’ to, oh let’s say 1:1 rather than the 120-odd-day phalanx of anti-Trump propagandists. I’d it be a start.

At the universities people need to seek out positive energy.

Try going an entire day without rage. Students should consider actually using those damn yoga mats they’ve been brandishing the last three years. And shake off the self-appointed leaders whose only source of power and authority is dependent on continuing the chaos.

For even the most cynical among the up to now chronically outraged can imagine a life where the next thing isn’t a version of, “Hey gang after we trash this Starbucks what comes next?”

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