AIDS Skrillex Is Back Online, And The Internet Is Trolling Him Again

aids skrillex

A Bernie Sanders supporter, who his “F-cking White Male” quote became a meme to the 4Chan community is back again and not for a good reason.

The individual is known to be the person that debated against commentator Owen Shroyer and once they spoke on white privilege. The man then said that Owen couldn’t have experience oppression in his life because of him being a “f-cking white male”.

Due to his resemblance to dubstep artist Skrillex and also his acne with his triggered reaction in the original video with Owen, the internet referred to him as AIDS SKRILLEX.

It seemed like he would just be another popular Meme that occurred in the 2016 U.S Presidential Election and die out… but the internet had something new for AIDS.

Posted on a Trump fan page, Facebook user Alex Martinho pointed out where AIDS SKRILLEX works at.

AIDS SKRILLEX works at a grocery store called Lucky’s Market in St. Louis, Missouri.

After the post, users started commenting that they went to the review section for the grocery store on google and wrote a review with one star and negative responses.

Comments stating that they were feeling uncomfortable with one employee who kept saying they are a “f-cking white male”

“I went there with my friend to get some fruits and then a long, black haired cashier with glasses with acne all over his face shouted “YOU’RE A F**KING WHITE MALE!” to his face. Fire him ffs”

Other comments stating that the employee was calling the customer a Nazi.

“Poor service from one of the checkers. He called me a white male and proceeded to sing the Soviet Union National Anthem while checking my items. He then said have a nice day nazi as i walked out of the store.”

“That white guy with long black hair and glasses gave me a strange look the other day, i think it was because i am white.”

A black person also joined the review thread on trolling the grocery store.

“I was shopping the other day and a white male employee with long black hair and glasses approached me in the store.  He apologized to me for being white and he offered to give me whatever I wanted from the store for free.  I had two full shopping carts at the time and he simply allowed me to walk out of the store without paying

As a black man they know how to treat you right!

Some of the critics believe it’s not great for the store to receive negative reviews because of their employee’s reputations, but users have addressed that they will only talk badly about AIDS Skrillex.

It’s not only in the store review section, it’s also on his band’s youtube comments that is flooded with Memes and Puns referring to him.

This is why you should never overreact when being filmed. Or you will become a Meme inspiration and 4Chan will make your life living hell just because of words you said in the past.

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