Justin Trudeau Can’t Answer A Simple Question [Video]

PM Justin Trudeau answerPM Justin Trudeau in House of Commons

It’s funny when I hear Americans think the leader of Canada is way better than President Trump. Newsflash: our leader is a joke. While President Trump can answer with political incorrectness, Trudeau on the other hand answers softly because that’s his way to go! Last week during one Question Period, Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau refused to answer the question on if he met with the Ethics Commissioner and if so, how many times? The question was asked 18 times and yet Trudeau refused to answer it, rather saying that he would gladly work with the Ethics Commissioner.

Conservative MP, John Brassard from Barrie asked to the Speaker of the House,

“Mr. Speaker, the Prime Minister keeps saying he’s happy to meet with the Ethics Commissioner and answer any question she might have, but he is really playing a game of political survivor by outwitting, outplaying and outlasting the Ethics Commissioner over his vacation to billionaire island… How many times has the Prime Minister worked with the Ethics Commissioner?”

Trudeau yet again responds with he same answer, saying he is happy to meet with the Ethics Commissioner.

The MP from Barrie responds again repeating numerously “How many times?” He then adds on asking when the Prime Minister met with the Ethics Commissioner. The Conservatives around him cheer and it seemed like Trudeau is in the corner and will finally come out of the closet and spill. Trudeau arrogantly responds that because they asked the same question, he will yet again answer the same. He said that Canadians want to hear his answer and that his answer is that he would be glad to work with and answer the questions of the Ethics Commissioner.

Leader of NDP Party, Thomas Mulcair said that Trudeau needs to look into his heart and realizes he can’t play these games. He adds in that because Trudeau is being investigated by the Ethics Commissioner, how many times has he communicated with the Ethics Commissioner.

Justin Trudeau yet again responds with the same answer clearly showing how he doesn’t want to admit the truth.

This scene continues on with Trudeau adding into his answer other non-related issues such working for the middle class.

Former Principal Alain Rayes, who is now MP, stated that Trudeau is like a little kid who is happy to see the principle but won’t say how many times has he gone to the office.

The stress is real.

I honestly do believe that the Liberals behind Trudeau are also getting annoyed to see their own leader not be able to answer a simple question.

Trudeau is showing an example to his followers that when you are cornered to finally spill, you should just avoid and avoid the question and make more excuses.

So do you really think Trump is a baby compared to Trudeau?


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