Titanic Nationalism and Chronic Altruism: The Fall of Europe Through the Migrant Crisis

Titanic Nationalism and Chronic Altruism: The Fall of Europe Through the Migrant Crisis

By: Katie of Radical Politics – find her on Twitter.

Europe was once the cultural center of the western world. Each country had a sense of pride and a unique culture unparalleled by any other nation. The French for France, The Swedes for Sweden, The Germans for Germany, and each country held a special place in the west. Today that same pride for their independent nations has morphed into something different, something destructive. European countries have always had a sense of nationalism that joined them together and protected them throughout history. The Romans banded together to rebuild, The Franks fought The Moors for control of their land the Vikings lead great excursions across the water to gather wealth and resources.

Today these peoples have so warped their national pride that they have split themselves apart from the inside out. How did so many strong nations land themselves in a place where they are slowly becoming unrecognizable to their own citizens and the world? The answer lies in migration. The strong European peoples were among some of the first to begin to take in refugees, mainly with the goal of helping suffering populations fleeing from persecution in Syria. These nations included Sweden, Germany and France. They had a sense of national pride that made them want to reach out and help these foreign people and offer them a chance to become a member of their great nations and to have a better life.

Those good intentions took a turn for the worst. Over time, real refugees turned to economic migrants, mainly males in their 20’s and 30’s. These migrants didn’t feel an attachment to Europe or its nations. They streamed across the border in droves; decimating the areas they traveled through. They had no desire to assimilate with the natives. Their goal was to shop around for the best welfare deals and easiest asylum they could find. Unfortunately Sweden, Germany and France were at the top of this list. As more and more Muslim migrants crossed the borders these European countries embraced them again and again.

Things began to change, the migrants didn’t stop coming. Islam swept through Europe, in the lands their ancestors had fought so hard to preserve. Muslim men replaced French people and Germany became overgrown with women in burkas and hijabs. Even with their culture dying, and their countries slipping away, the Swedish, French and German people stood at airports and public transportation with handmade signs proudly proclaiming, “Let them in,” and “Refugees Welcome.”

This is Titanic nationalism.

A form of nationalism and sense of unity within the European peoples that makes them continue to support their own decline so as not be seen as bad or uncaring people, or heaven forbid racist or Islamaphobic. Even as their ship is going down and they are taking on more water than they can handle, they continue to pile new people onto their sinking vessel.

Titanic Nationalism and Chronic Altruism: The Fall of Europe Through the Migrant Crisis

Chronic altruism in action.

It’s this Titanic nationalism that has caused them to be in the circumstances they are now. Overrun with Muslim economic migrants, their infrastructure is crumbling, healthcare and education are unable to carry the burden, the elderly are losing access to social security benefits, and the housing market is collapsing. These migrants don’t assimilate, and they are unable and unwilling to get jobs, which has left the European taxpayers with the burden of providing for these people. They are taking advantage of the kindness of European people and exploiting it for housing, food, money and goods. Europeans can see it, and yet, they still continue to provide for them. This is chronic altruism.

Altruism is prevalent in mostly western, high trust, European nations. When Europeans see a population that they believe is in danger or suffering they want to help, they want to make a difference. The issue is other peoples who don’t follow the same moral compass habitually exploit their chronic altruism.

The tides have turned now Europe has begun to see the consequences of mass illegal immigration in a new and much more violent light. Sweden has become known as the rape capital of the west with Germany and France close behind. The government hides the crime statistics from their citizens in a last ditch effort to double down on the Titanic nationalism that is sinking them. Women are brutally gang raped on the street, at music festivals, in shops and fields, often severely beaten and many times killed or left for dead. Violent crime has spiked, a crime wave most of the countries have never seen before. Native European citizens are being beat walking home and women need an escort to protect them so they aren’t gang raped by migrants in many areas. Yet, the European government takes on more and more of these illegal migrants. There is little justice and instead excuses for the migrants and a feeling of a need to help them learn how not to rape women, blaming it on their religion and culture. This is more chronic altruism. No matter how awful and dire the situation gets the government continues to help and put on a happy face while turning away from its native people.

How has this altruism been repaid? This is where we are currently. France and Sweden burn with riots and fires for nights on end from these Muslim migrants. Entire streets are taken over to have mass prayers to Allah during the day. Migrants have formed mini Sharia courts and caliphates within the greater countries, becoming so violent that all three countries have a large amount of designated “no-go zones.” These “no-go zones,” are places where police, natives, and rescue services do not and cannot enter unless under extreme circumstances. Police have to escort ambulances in and out in riot gear during emergencies. Europe has ceased to be alive there anymore.

Europe is slowly and painfully dying in many places. The government fails to protect its citizens and its great nations. When will their Titanic nationalism and chronic altruism cease? When will enough be enough?

Will they ever end the violence and destruction they are experiencing or will they continue to press on trying to ignore its fallout? They can keep bailing water but eventually there will be too many holes to plug. Europe stands at a crucial crossroads in its history.

They must fight or they must cave.

It is time these great nations decide if they are going to sink or swim.

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