Is RussiaGate the End of Operation Dump Trump?

Is RussiaGate the End of Operation Dump Trump?

Just when I think we’ve reached Peak anti-Trump things get even sillier. Trump’s firing of James Comey, done to rid himself of a problem and appease his adversaries, has unleashed the Kraken of fake outrage among Democrats.

The question now is, “Have they overplayed their hand out of desperation?”

Their hatred of Trump is so thorough the man could save a drowning child and CNN would spend the next week going over the footage of it like it was the Zapruder film looking for evidence of his pedophilia.

And at this point I have to agree with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin’s first reaction, like mine, was disbelief at the Washington Post’s ‘story’ of Trump’s supposed leak of classified intelligence to Putin’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov during their meeting on May 10th.

Today Putin, myself and anyone who isn’t a grandstanding political hack looks at this and weeps for the future of the once-brilliant United States. Putin is right to be scared of what’s happening in the U.S.

This latest chapter in the patently idiotic narrative that Trump is a Russian secret agent threatens more than just his presidency. It threatens the legitimacy of our entire system of governance.

If successful in hounding Trump out of office, this fact-free scandal will accelerate the U.S. on the path to open civil war. Make no mistake, civil war is already here in the U.S., like it is in Europe.

It is the people versus the established powers-that-be, the gravy-train of entrenched privilege that masquerades as a system of Enlightenment values. Trump is their voice. And the cynics who told us to vote for Hillary last fall because Trump wouldn’t be allowed to change anything if elected are looking right in their prediction.

As an argument, this fails — instead of unseating evil and draining the swamp we should submit to its inevitability. This is the opposite of enlightened self-interest.

It is nihilistic and ritualistic suicide.

Looking at the current state of RussiaGate that is exactly what the anti-Trump forces are doing. They are committing suicide.

By electing Trump, we showed millions how ugly the real enemy is. And with each escalation of RussiaGate more of them become disillusioned. And with disillusionment comes anger.

And that anger is going to boil over if Trump’s enemies are successful in over-turning the results of an election that, if anything, was interfered with by them, not the Russians.

We’ve seen the recounts, the riots and the tantrums on the Sunday morning talk show circuit. It’s time for them to produce something tangible or end this nonsense.

It is obvious to me that the Washington Post leak was timed to overwhelm the news about Seth Rich being Wikileaks’ source. It’s also obvious that the Clintonistas knew Rich was the leaker and that there was no DNC hack because they began the ‘Wikileaks is a Russian agent’ meme months ago to discredit them as a source.

The people giving Rachel Maddow record ratings need this “Russia hacked muh election” narrative because they can’t believe a majority of Americans they despise, not just for what they believe but for who they are, rejected their nihilism as childish entitlement.

The Deep State is fomenting this divide to retain power and the Left is lapping it up like a dog and his vomit because they have to. They have nothing else.

Their systems are failing. Their stories are too. From global warming to soak the rich, from free education to ‘we owe the debt to ourselves,’ the post-modern attack on the individual has reached its zenith.

By fully embracing Joseph Goebbels’ idea of accusing your opponent of that which you are guilty, the burden eventually falls on them to put up or shut up.

Now that Robert Mueller has been appointed as a Special Investigator this story is reaching its terminal phase.

Comey was fired the way he was to ensure he couldn’t cover up his misdeeds as FBI Director. He was and always has been the Clinton’s cover man, going back to his days in the Southern District of New York.

The hysteria surrounding this story now cannot be pitched much higher than it has. If Trump has nothing to fear then this bubble will burst with all the same violence as Lehman Bros.’ derivative book in 2008. If he does, they’ll take him out.

And when the dust settles, either way, all that will be left is ashes.

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