Kevin Pillar Apologized. Media, Get Over It.

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I hate seeing the media get so caught up over some figure, especially Kevin Pillar.

Whereas it was Riverdale’s KJ Apa who liked a comment that was just a joke to even Chance the Rapper liking another fat joke on Instagram. It seems like the media has already gave their answer to the viewers. “They are a _phobic. Get them to apologize. Have them receive consequences. End of story.”

Well it seems like Toronto’s baseball player Kevin Pillar is now another victim of this fallout. Last night in an MLB game between the Atlanta Braves and Toronto Blue Jays in Atlanta, Braves pitcher Jason Motte quick-pitched him in order to get him to swing and miss to end in the inning. Pillar didn’t take exception to the quick method and therefore yelled back a homophobic slur after swinging and missing it.

It was a brutal game. The Blue Jays have already lost 2 games to Atlanta and were struggling to get runs so it makes sense how tense Pillar was when he received a quick pitch from Motte. Kevin Pillar said, “It was immature, it was stupid, it was uncalled for. It’s part of the game game, it’s just I’m a competitive guy and (it was) heat of the moment.”

“Obviously I’m going to do whatever I’ve got to do to reach out and apologize and let him know he didn’t do anything wrong. It was all me.”

Pillar explained that he was frustrated seeing his team lose two games in a row when their last week was a great week with a 5 game winning streak that happening.

“It’s not a good look for me, it’s not a good look for our team and it’s something that happens when you’re competitive. You do your best to reach out to the other side, tell them that you’re sorry and you try to move on from it.” – Kevin Pillar You have to give credit to Pillar for addressing his mistake because no one is perfect. But that’s not what the Media had in mind. After the incidents, journalists and outlets published articles or tweeted that Pillar should receive a suspension for this small flaw. Toronto Star’s baseball columnist Richard Griffin published an article saying Pillar deserves to be suspended for this homophobic slur. Another Star’s columnist Keenan says that Pillar clearly needs to show that he regretted using the slurs. (Like if apologizing isn’t enough?)

Vice Producer Sasha Kalra tweeted that if you want to wear a Pillar jersey in the future, that you shouldn’t. Dr. Blake, a Braves fan said that MLB should step up their game for letting these incidents happen. I responded back saying baseball doesn’t have to be so politically-correct. His response was to block me. Most fans from Toronto and Atlanta responded to these tweets of the news saying “this is extra” and that “MLB is so sensitive.” On Thursday afternoon, Pillar took to Twitter to address the situation which is now currently investigated by Major League Baseball. After a few hours, the Blue Jays decided to suspend Pillar from playing the last game with the Braves and Friday night against Baltimore.

I’m a huge baseball fan. I’ve played baseball for almost 11 years in a league and I have heard worse from both benches especially when the team is losing. Games just intend to become real intense. No one is perfect. So by suspending a player for saying “hate speech” to a player that tried to trick him to retire is uncalled for. Pillar learned his lesson, but I don’t believe the media will ever take the correction when they are applying their political correctness in a men’s sporting event.

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