Economy Analysis: Who Will Bring the Whole Thing Down?

economic crash

Everything President Trump is planning is for after the collapse. Every job, every deal. What did you think? That Ford was going to be able to hire all of those people while they’re still in contraction? Ford just announced yesterday on May sixteenth, 2017, that they were laying off thirty percent of their salaried workers. Twenty-thousand of those jobs are right here in Dearborn and Flatrock Michigan. Remember that store in the mall that began in the 1970’s called Forever 21? The forty-one year old retail announced yesterday that they also would be filing for Chapter eleven bankruptcy. There is no way in any economy on earth that you can add jobs and spur manufacturing when everything is in it’s own bubble about to pop. Today, housing dropped a whopping 4.1 percent.

To add to all of this the USD has been dropping steadily for quite some time now and it’s picking up speed. The charts showing the Dow falling three-hundred and seventy points looked like the most vicious drop on a rollercoaster ever seen by mankind. Also today, The Guerilla Economist, was laughing so hard he could barely get the words out: “Everyone is saying retail doesn’t really matter anymore. Production doesn’t matter, jobs don’t matter. And really they don’t. This economy is circling the drain, none of these things will matter until we have a correction back to fair value.” It is that simple. Nothing can move forward at this point. We are all waiting for our president to finalize trade deals, and hoping he can do so in time before the FED backs away from the wheel and lets it all go.

There is one pinch in this plan. This economy is so volatile, so out of whack, that any bubble pop will pull it all down, before the central banks or President Trump. Take the housing crisis for instance. Right now in May, on through to September, is the peak season for home buyers. People are cleaning out their homes due to the better weather and buyers get to see the home during the blooming and summer seasons. A move this time of year is common as well because it gives time for parents and children to settle before school starts in the Fall. For home sales to drop over four percent during this time of year is unheard of. There are hardly any houses on the market too because the Federal government has bought most of the ones that sat unsold after a certain amount of time. The ones remaining have record high prices. Never before has it been so expensive to buy a home in the United States. So of course the whole thing is beginning to buckle, it’s an impossible situation when people are losing their jobs and scraping to feed and clothe their families as it is.

So add it all up. No jobs, a housing and student debt crisis because students can’t find jobs to buy their own homes. The auto bubble which is popping any day now. Zerohedge stated last week that car buying has slipped to a three-year low. Also that used car sales have fallen by as much as fifty percent. There are more people than ever, so apparently these millennials cannot even afford a used car while living in their parent’s homes still. The household debt has climbed to 12.73 trillion of the first quarter of 2017, this surpassed the 12.68 trillion peak that we reached in 2008. Well of course it did, it’s eight years later, nothing has been solved and we are living in an artificial life-support system that was created by a computer program.

Steve Mnuchin designed this program for Goldman Saks, it was the reason for his employment there. In the basement of the National Treasury there sits a computer with this system that controls the entire stock market. They can move it up and they can move it down at will while the investors and other markets suffer.

However here is the point. In real life the economy can only follow a computer program for so long. In real world consequences when one bank goes under like Deutche Bank in Germany, it will take other major banks around Europe, and finally the rest of the west down with it. When all of these debt bubbles pop, credit freezes as it’s already beginning to do, then one after the other, all of these markets fall into a vicious cycle worse than the one we are currently in. Soon trucks won’t be able to deliver product because of the credit freeze. On top of not having jobs, money or transportation, we will have a third of our supermarket shelves empty by the time the credit freeze is in full swing.

This dangerous game that is being played between Trump and the deep state is one that can easily get away from both sides. The deep state doesn’t care how it comes down and will push it along at every opportunity just to make sure President Trump takes the blame. Trump is trying to hold it together through all of it. The ridiculous Russian accusations, the calls for impeachment. Trump is trying to make a few more of his signature deals, trying to get the last of the contracts signed so that when it all does come down we will have a lifeline for trade. Trump has worked diligently, from day one being President-elect, to bring as many jobs and smart trade deals back to the US to soften the blow for when the biggest crash in human history crushes the United States, and ultimately determines the fate of our sovereignty.

This time is different. You hear it every time, for every crash. Do you remember the fear we felt as a nation in the fall of 2008? Multiply it by a thousand. People will die one way or the other. Some say millions. It’s unavoidable. But If Trump can just complete these deals, many, many lives will be saved. This is precisely why the deep state and the entire globalist cabal seek to destroy him. President Trump’s destruction, brings America to her knees, the cold steel of the blade on the back of her neck.

Instead of pushing for our end as a nation, please let us all unite and support our president while he fights for the very heart, blood and soul of The United States of America.

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