Where Should I Put My Money?


How badly manipulated are the numbers that we get representing our world economy? How much have they lied to us? After reading many different reports by different economists the results were beyond anything imaginable. This truly has to be seen to be believed. Where is your money safe?

We live in an age where there is increasing urgency to keep protections on our borders. The higher the level of security, the more difficult trade becomes. All of the deals have to be renegotiated many times due to this. This has happened thirteen times in the economic history of our country, and all thirteen times guess what? There was a global recession in full swing. With these numbers we have a one-hundred percent chance of an economic crisis. In the years that these events took place, it was usually the year of a new president, when things are more uncertain geopolitically the markets always follow.

Bottom line, this time we have a deflationary world economy, there’s no way around it. It’s a mathematical certainty that it will arrive and it will be devastating for everyone.

The dollar is losing it’s purchasing power, when we export and bring in goods we will have dollars flooding back into our economy, since their worth will be so low due to the fact that all of the nations one by one have begun dumping our oil-backed dollar. Inflation is currently at 2.5%, with a month over month increase at a record pace it’s becoming a problem. The trade laws as they stand allow China and Japan to play with us as much as they like dumping thirty-year bonds for two year bonds and making the United States economy a slave to their will.

In China and Russia, gold has become the main staple. If interest rates are low there is no reason for the banks to lend out. But then they become overwhelmed with excess fiat currency and have to give it all back to the Federal Reserve. This is why the FED is raising interest rates again more than likely next month in June, even though we just recently had two rate hikes very close to each other, in a world economy on life support. The Central Banks are able to live off of the debt. Only the corporations borrow and most likely for very cheap. Things are so bad that big companies have been buying their own shares back.

The last time we had a global economic debt bubble this large was during the time of the dot.com bubble. The average Joe will not be able to borrow when the rates are raised so high. There will be Millennials starting their own businesses still, buying homes, and borrowing like nothing has changed since 2008. Back then when this great recession began, the United States government had asked the banks to reform their system, so the debt could be managed and reduced. But no one has changed a thing and the debt has continued to climb. In 2008 not everyone was affected deeply, but a lot of people lost everything.  Scary to think that people have already forgotten.

The smarter investors are selling off their retail shares, have been for weeks. Eight-thousand Job losses is a big deal, that’s another eight-thousand people dumped into the overflowing job’s market. Thirty-five hundred effective now, here in the present. This has been the second largest bull market in history, only the dot.com bull market lasted longer. However there’s no reason to think this one won’t reach first place. It’s surely breaking many of the records just for sheer sizes of debt. With consumer confidence soaring into euphoria like this, and no regard for the  fundamental rules of the market, all of the smart money that hasn’t left already is doing so now, the signs couldn’t be clearer. The Dow has gained a thousand points faster than any other time in history, and the market has become bullish on metals and minerals such as zinc, cobalt and silver. Silver was doing so well that they’ve started slamming and tapping it back down periodically.

These are all indicators that this crisis is already upon us and it’s only a matter of time before the whole world stops and takes notice, especially here in the United States. The country will actually grind to a halt for a period before we can get back online so to speak.

As far as safe havens for your money, Bitcoin is the mainstream choice that is unaffected and untouched and unmanipulated by the Central Banks. “They’ll try to control it, they want control of everything.” Gregory Mannarino said when asked about the safety of investing in Bitcoin. “I’d like to see them get a hold of it, there’s nothing they can do.” Mannarino was overwhelmingly in favor of Bitcoin while other investment advisors weren’t so sure. “It’s not tangible. People are going to be afraid of that, since it’s not something you can hold.” Paul Krugman stated. “I wouldn’t go near it with a ten foot pole. It’s just ones and zeros on a screen, and many worry, what if the power grid or internet fails? Then they would have no money.” “If the Internet fails, nothing will work.” Mannarino stated. “Everything we use and take for granted daily is controlled by the Internet, the machines that order the food to the supermarket shelves all the way down to the ones making sure municipalities have water are all wired into the internet. This is not something they want to happen. The internet is not going to fail, too much depends on it.”

Bill Gates has called Bitcoin the “Commerce of the future”. There are five-hundred billion counterfeit notes loose in the US economy and using Bitcoin will eliminate this problem. It’s definitely gone more mainstream than gold. “Less than one percent of people in the world own gold.” Lior Gantz reported.

Gantz also went on to cite the reason for the Federal Reserve in the first place, which is basically the Central Bank for the United States. “Our economy here was in crisis mode in 1908 because over three-hundred banks had gone under in New York alone. Nelson Haldrhick, who was married into an elite family during this time when the US banking system was in need of a change, was the man who introduced the Federal Reserve to our banking system.”

In any event, if we want to get away from the Central Banking system we are going to have to give Bitcoin a fair try. Whether we have the crash sooner or later, it’s gaining worth and momentum everyday. When the first shares of Bitcoin sold in 2009, they were only six cents a piece. Now this cryptocurrency has grown to over eighteen-hundred dollars a coin eight years later. Of course many of the investors are kicking themselves now, but water under the bridge as they say. Silver and gold are still reasonable due to the manipulation of the prices. We never know for how long however, so if you need a safe haven one of these options is your best bet. The fiat currency will soon be gone, worthless, only worth the price of the paper it’s printed on. Perhaps we can use it to insulate our homes, or for other unsavory purposes, because that’s all the American dollar will be good for.

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