Society Is Crumbling. The Discourse Is Toxic. Why?

Society Is Crumbling. The Discourse Is Toxic. Why?

If you’ve ever vacationed in a foreign country you have likely experienced a sense of nervousness when you first walk the strange streets, or hear a language you don’t speak. The more foreign or remote the place visited, the greater the feelings of anxiety and insecurity. These feelings are in large measure brought on by a sudden loss of social context; you’re not in Kansas anymore, unsure of the rules. However, within a day you get the lay of the land and proceed to enjoy your chosen adventure, knowing that when you do return home your life will resume its normalcy; you will regain the context of your society.

Now imagine if society—your neighborhood, city or country—begins to unravel, to in effect lose much of its proper functions, the context that holds it in place. Community is a collection of individuals and tools, like a school system or road crew. Without cooperation and delegation your city wouldn’t function even at a basic level.

Your town could be gripped by prolonged riots

Let’s go one step further. Say your town was gripped by prolonged riots. Groups you’ve never heard of make demands that their beliefs be accepted, not tolerated, but accepted. This happens with alarming frequency today, the spillover effects are all around us. Protests spring up and become riots, election loss becomes claims of “Russian hacking”, and much of the old-stream-media is now labeled as fake news. You might have heard a leader of any one of these groups say the time has come for “a national conversation” but all we hear is name-calling and talking-points condemning, oh say, “systemic oppression” or a new restaurant. Society is unraveling.

Since the Occupy movement in 2011 we have seen a flood of protests, more anti-free-speech campuses, and numerous proclamations from the infinite chorus of social justice warriors. To many observers these disruptions have the appearance of spontaneity, a power-to-the-people grassroots march of solidarity for… [Insert cause here].

Today’s protests are anything but grassroots

Beyond the (manufactured) rage there exists a vast network of not-for-profits to fundraise, sponsor, and coordinate the protest industry. (Somebody has to organize ensure the outrage gets distributed to sympathetic news outlets and media platforms in a timely fashion.) At any rate, the common denominator, the doctrine most consistently expressed is cultural-Marxism.

In the 60’s American universities became the bunkers from which came multiculturalism, feminism, and gay rights. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) Traditional Marxism failed to take root beyond the Soviet Union. After the first decades of the 20th century its deep thinkers eventually got around to declaring that religion and culture had made the proletariat less willing to revolt. Dropping the main enemy of capitalism as the road block preventing creation of a communist utopia, the battle would now be turned on the new enemies: family, gender, and sexuality.

If Marxists could take hold, it was decided, inside the main institutions of society they could engineer change from within.

The progressive Left (communists, Marxists) is innately intolerant of all voices not in agreement with their diktats. This is why the environment for public discourse has become so toxic. Universities are bastions for all the worlds ‘isms’ with no shortage of tenured Stalinists eager prevent speechmaking by anyone with which they disagree. So much for their claim to want a conversation.

Having failed to destroy capitalism and seeking ways to resurrect the ideology Marxist theory was expanded to include social conventions as devices of oppression.

“We haven’t started using it at home yet, but it’s just a matter of habit,” says Sofia Bergman, a Swedish mother of two. “But it’s a good thing if nurseries and schools use it.”

She’s referring to hen, the new Swedish gender-neutral pronoun introduced at two Stockholm nurseries in 2012. Today hen is frequently used by Swedish children and adults alike. Now other European countries are joining the gender-­neutrality trend.

The trouble started with political correctness which is a tyranny. Then the narrative that taught that human behavior does not rely on biology and heredity. Claiming biology is a product of culture is on its face, anti-science. But this is at the core of campus marches for safe space to protect precious snowflakes.

What we have today are constant attempts to dismantle the foundations of western liberal society. Gender politics has seized city hall, the capital (of a lot of places). Which gender pronouns will governments force your kids and you to use? If only the belief that human behavior is governed by its culture all that need be done according to Marxist theory, is to change a society’s behavior in order to create the desired culture. That’s the crux of the biscuit right there.

This whole idea is unsound and illogical

If you can stop people from speaking about different ideas in public and on social media, well, you see where that’s going. Not only do the cultural ideologues demand control of speech and media they want to destroy hundreds of years of progress. To do this requires a corruption of everything that has developed since the Enlightenment, the philosophical movement which dominated the world of ideas in Europe in the 18th century. Reason became the primary source of authority and legitimacy. From this movement came individual liberty and religious tolerance.

Change the focus away from capitalism

By changing the focus from capitalism to society the disruptors hope to destroy the very structure that has allowed free thinking people to develop democratic institutions, science and rational dialogue, and most important of all the idea of the individual. Totalitarian regimes cannot permit the individual to exist, this is why we see them fomenting hate to pit race against race, men against women, rich against poor, and on and on.

“It’s important to be here before you today to present to Canada a cabinet that looks like Canada,” Trudeau, 43, told reporters.

From these dangerous destructive ideas there has been a decline in meritocracy. There is a hierarchy of identity groups that supersedes smarts. Just look at the current Liberal Cabinet in Canada.

If someone told you 20 years, even 10 years ago, there would be massive public battles over who the law would permit to use which bathroom you would have laughed. But every day some group yells that people that enter illegally into your country are entitled to the same rights as a citizen. If you say borders should have walls some people threaten to hurt you.

Asked to explain his gender parity promise, he [Trudeau] answered: “Because it’s 2015.”

The German philosopher Immanuel Kant (1724—1804) contended that the human mind creates the structure of human experience and that reason is the source of morality. He famously said, “Have the courage to use your own understanding,” Indeed, with the state of our political, media, and educational institutions as they are today, we have much need to follow Kant’s words.

Just be aware someone else wants to shut you up.