The Inanity of the “Intellectual”: Leftists’ Adoration of Communism

By Tiana Dalichov – You can find Tiana on Twitter here.  

On April 29, 2017, just days before the May Day protests, New York Times reporter and memoirist Vivian Gornick published an article titled, “When Communism Inspired Americans,” in which she attempted to rationalize the supposed appeal of Communism back in the ‘40s and ‘50s. Lately it has come to my attention, and to the attention of several who lean to the political Right, that Leftists have unwittingly started to worship the ideals of Communism all over again, with blatant disregard for the history of the movement and its deleterious effects on countries across the globe.

“National Socialism,” the ideology of the ill-reputed Nazi Party, was responsible for the deaths of nearly 6 million Jews, 2-3 million Soviet POWs, approximately 2 million ethic Poles, and hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Romani, Slovenes, Homosexuals, and Disabled in the infamous event we know today as the Holocaust.

Communism, on the other hand, was responsible for the deaths of nearly 70 million people in China, more than 25 million in the Soviet Union (including approximately 5 million Ukrainians), and 1 out of every 3 Cambodians in the 20th century alone. Communism has enslaved entire nations (e.g. Russia, Vietnam, China, North Korea, Cuba, most of Eastern Europe, and many countries in Central Asia). This ideology has ruined the lives of well over 1 billion people worldwide.

The Inanity of the “Intellectual”: Leftists’ Adoration of Communism

Holodomor: 6 million dead.

Leftists are quick to denounce their political opponents as “Nazis,” associating anyone on the right (including President Trump) with the admittedly inexcusable actions of the Nazi Party’s cunning, ruthless leader: Adolf Hitler. And yet, despite Communism’s atrocious record, the Left celebrates it. They glorify it. Why?

(And for now, let’s eclipse the fact that most Leftists don’t care to distinguish the differences between socialism and communism. If they did, they would find that their action of late would align them with the Nazis, not those on the political right, and thus they would destroy their fragile house of buzzword cards with their own hands. But that’s a story for another day.)

The political theory of communism was created by Karl Marx and his comrade Friedrich Engels in the 1840s. In the most basic sense, it advocates revolution and calls for centrally controlled means of production and the eradication of social class and money (i.e. everyone becomes, for lack of a better term, “equal”). It is a system designed to reallocate society’s resources from the “wealthy” to the “poor,” for the primary purpose of, in the words of Gornick, “lifting them [the working class] out of the nameless, faceless obscurity into which they had been born,” basically by dragging the rest of society down with them. Put more simply, people are not to blame for their own incompetence; the system is.

The “richness of [Communist] rhetoric [and] the intensity of their arguments” have seduced intellectuals on the Left, including those who write history. Dr. Richard Pipe puts it beautifully: “Intellectuals, by the very nature of their professions, grant enormous attention to word and ideas. And they are attracted by socialist ideas. They find that the ideas of communism are praiseworthy and attractive; that, to them, is more important than the practice of communism. Now Nazi ideals, on the other hand, were pure barbarism; nothing could be said in favor of them.” If they acknowledge them at all, Leftists regard the heinous actions of Communism as mere “perversions” of the true ideology. In the mind of a Leftist, the actions of Communism mean nothing. Like a horse with blinders, Leftists only see what is left in front of them, not the things their master has blocked out to prevent them from panicking.

Due to the Left’s dominance in academia and the publishing industry, Communism’s record has become virtually nonexistent. Even Leftists who are aware of Communism’s atrocities will continue to support it, because the methods by which communist countries killed could never hold a candle to the systemization of genocide perpetrated by the Nazis. Neither Russia nor China have attempted to unmask, take responsibility for, or attempt to atone for the horrors perpetrated by their Communist leaders (Vladimir Lenin, Josef Stalin, and Mao Zedong) the way the Germans have with respect to Hitler and his actions during the Holocaust. In fact, these men are still revered by many in their countries. Until Communist countries acknowledge the atrocities committed by such an exploitative ideology, Leftists will continue to remain disillusioned by it, seduced by its pretty sayings and utopian vision that never come to fruition.

I’ll leave you today with the words of Dennis Prager: “All good people owe it to the victims of communism to learn what happened to them. Even worse than being murdered or enslaved, is a world that doesn’t know that you were.”

Educate yourselves. Ignorance is no longer an excuse for legitimizing and promoting systematic genocide.


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