President Trump’s Establishment Purge May Lead To A Purge At Fox News

President-elect Trump and Priebus on election night, per Reuters

Following the recent firing of FBI Director James Comey, CNN reported that President Trump was “white hot.” He is fuming, ready to purge the bureaucrats. President Trump is ready to “Drain The Swamp,” and it would begin by canning the establishment Republicans closest to him. Namely Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and Press Secretary Sean Spicer, as well as reports that National Security Adviser McMaster has been left our of some meetings.

Halsey News was one of the first to break the story that Sean Spicer may be fired or relegated to a lesser role. Sean Spicer’s “chemical weapons” and “Holocaust Center” slip-ups, his stuttering, his ‘hiding in the bushes’ and now not “confirming or denying” the existence of tapes of James Comey conversations with President Trump which opens up those tapes to legal discovery, may have annoyed President Trump enough to let him go. One issue is that since Sean Spicer is in the Navy Reserves (a handy excuse for when they don’t want him to do press briefings). This means that firing him could be a violation of USERRA, so relegating him to a lesser role would be more reasonable.

We reported that Principal Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who has handled some press briefings, would be replacing Spicer. There has now been a rumble among internet media that Kimberly Guilfoyle, host of “The Five” on Fox News, former assistant prosecutor, and former San Francisco First Lady, would be Sean Spicer’s replacement. She was heavily touted by many to originally be announced as the press secretary, meeting with the Trump Transition Team three times.

Kimberly Guilfoyle was not the only Fox News host to be interviewed by the Trump Transition Team. Her former co-host on “The Five” and a regular fill-in for Bill O’Reilly, Eric Bolling interviewed with President-Elect Trump about an economics-related position. With all the complaining by many of President Trump’s supporters about the “Goldman Sachs guys” in his administration and so many positions that need to be filled, it is not impossible to think that Eric Bolling could end up in the Trump administration.

There is an opening at the FBI, for a new director. Many are clamoring for “the first female FBI director.” Roger Stone threw Judge Jeanine Pirro’s name into the hat. She hosts “Justice With Judge Jeanine” on Fox News. Judge Andrew Napolitano is a Fox News and Fox Business Correspondent. He met with President-elect and President Trump multiple times to advise him on which justice to pick for the Supreme Court. There are also reports that he is on the shortlist to be selected as a Supreme Court justice.

There were also reports that Sean Hannity wanted the White House Chief of Staff position. At the very least, the New York Times reported that Sean Hannity was giving political counsel to President Trump, a claim he vehemently denies.

Fox News is under heavy fire with Bill O’Reilly and Bill Shine out. There has been a shake-up in management. Reports that Sean Hannity could leave. There are credible reports that a highly financed group is working towards creating a new conservative network because “Fox News has moved too far to the left.” Desperate to hang on to viewers, Fox News is pushing pro-Trump hosts to the forefront. President Trump has a shortage of loyalists in his administration, he is purging those who are not loyal to him. It is sometimes hard to see how someone will demonstrate their loyalty, unless you are able to see them demonstrate it every single day. On television, it is visible everyday who is loyal. President Trump is ready to “Drain The Swamp” and purge his administration, could that lead to a purge of Trump loyalists at Fox News, while the network’s future hangs in a delicate balance.


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