Leftist Protestors Show Astounding Bigotry

bigot protestors

It’s like talking to a wall. Better yet, it’s like talking to wall that will attack you if you provide them with facts or ask them for evidence.

I already wrote a piece on why I go to these protests but this time, I wanted to change things up.

I already had a plan to interview the folks who were protesting M-103, and others who were there to support free speech.

After a scuffle between communists and the domestic group ANTIFA with #BasedUmbrellaMan, free speech advocates such as the 3% and Soldiers Of Oden went after the attackers. One attacker had a knife which was later confiscated by a police officer when someone pointed it out. I was then divided from the free speech side so I decided to try to interview those on the left.

It was difficult. Not a single person wanted an interview unless they were neutral, or if they were passing through and just wanted to see what was happening in the protest.

There was a man who had a sign saying “Free Kekistan” who got attacked by the Communists and ANTIFA who ending up ripping his sign. His friend beside him said it was pathetic to see 10 kids try to hurt the man. He said,

‘We aren’t in either side, but I know who the enemy is now.”

I remembered in a last protest that after meeting BLM spokesman Walied Khogali, because of his friendly look when he met me, I thought he may give me a chance to speak on the mic at this current protest.

I was definitely wrong.

Now I had my poem prepared but I didn’t know if I would have the opportunity to share it.

I am a strong supporter of Syria and get very passionate when I speak on the media painting a false reality of the Syrian War. So people will know that I’m not afraid and have no filter when speaking.

So I went up to him and asked him if I can read my poem to the crowd. He said cool and said, “Okay guys, we have a special friend who has a poem. Hear him!”

Everything was going well. I started to introduce who Dina Ali is.

She is yet another victim who was trying to escape the oppression of the regime of Saudi Arabia.

Then I explained it’s time to fight for the rights of women like her to be safe instead of spreading hate.

“He’s not on our side! He is with the Nazis!!”, a supporter of his said.

He took the Mic and said, “Are you in their side?”

I replied, “No, I’m neutral. I just wanna talk about Syria. Have a discussion.”

He replied, “You lied to me, I trusted you man. Just get out.”

I responded, “Bro, we can’t be divided and fighting. This is wrong.”

I tried to ask to shake his hand as the last resort to show if we can at least have peace. He responded, “Get out of my face! Leave you scumbag.”

I was then heckled by the left saying “Get out of here!”.

It’s like a different planet these days.

Now I have liberal friends who are really great people who support free speech, but these people are definitely not liberals.

These people are Communists, advocates of Fascism.

The atmosphere was like being bullied by a group of prisoners. It felt like grade school when I was bullied because of my skin, and the food I ate for lunch. That was exactly that feeling.

But as I much I detest their feelings and attitude towards me that moment, I am glad they have the free speech to say whatever they want.

It was hurtful though. When I wanted to interview a black man in that same group who actually, he happened to stumble across the protest, I would have to tell him to come a bit far from the counter-protesters for the fear of my safety.

Even while I was on the side of Free Speech advocates earlier, I saw these muslim kids with Canadian flags and holding a sign that said to destroy the alt-right meme Pepe while chanting, “Refugees are welcome here!” and “Muslims are welcome here!”

I responded greatly and loud saying, “We love you guys! We don’t hate you! I have Muslim friends and they are funny and awesome!”

The kids then looked at me and stop chanting and were silent and watch me chant that I also supported their chant! It looked like the leftists plans to influence these kids was going to die.

But then someone who probably was a member of ANTIFA, probably a woman, based on the figure because they were all black wearing a hat and sunglasses told them,

“Don’t listen to that Nazi! They don’t like you!”

My mouth stopped. I was in utter disappointment and just looked across the crowd continuing to chants of “Nazis”, “racists”, all those same words they chant!

The kids would later on keep chanting again but this time won’t look at me.

I looked down to the ground and asked myself, “Is this actually happening to the world? These people are literally brainwashing these kids to think we hate them!”

This is like the 60s but in a modern term. It’s just, these adults are telling these people, “you are the victim” and “those people on the other side are the victims, they hate you!”

While ending an interview with a couple who explained that they were walking by and seeing the commotion and wanted to see what is going on, a man who was following me while on the leftist side yelled at me calling me a “Piece of Shit”. The couple then was disturbed and saw me respond saying “What did you say?”. Then the man said “Yeah I said it you Nazi scum!”

I replied saying “Hope you have a good day sir. You really need it.”

The couple then saw the way I handled it and was just shocked. I just hope they realize who are the real villains after that encounter.

After this protest I was embarrassed to see the youth, older people who support a nefarious ideology like communism, influencing younger ones to hate those who have different opinions than them.

Disgusting. These protesters who preach about “love” and “unity” are the most intolerant bigots I have ever met in my adulthood. They are hypocrites. One individual even ripped pages from the bible. Funny how no media will not report on that but only if it fits their narrative. And although they deserve to have a platform, I highly suggest that if you ever want unity in your community, don’t listen to these bigots.

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