Communism Is Destroying High School Students


You don’t know how much my blood boils when I see someone with a Communist flag at a protest. It’s basically like seeing a Neo-Nazi waving their Nazi flag. Both disgusting and both mediocre.

Now I understand if people want to march with an Imperial Flag of Germany or the Soviet Union flag to remember the heroes that died protecting their country.

But once I see a march of the Swastika Flag with you praising Nazism or you holding the Soviet Flag praising Communism, that’s when I have a problem.

Sure, you can say what you want. But my Free Speech says you guys are disgusting morons for praising Ideologies that have killed millions of people.

With radical liberals and the mainstream perpetuating people that those who believe in Free Speech are “literally Nazis.” There are people who are believers of Communism and believe that Communism is good.

Of course, that is what the organization Young Communist League of Toronto is doing.

The Young Communist League of Canada is a Marxist-Leninist organization that welcomes all of leftist-political views to organize for social justice.

This was not my paraphrase, this is their ideal on their About section on their Facebook page.


Their organization is to work within a framework of anti-homophobia, anti-sexism, anti-racist, anti-bigotry, you get the whole picture. It is basically a group of proud Social Justice Warriors who want to help any minority to gain popularity points.

But what is wrong with helping defeat all those phobias?

Well, when many of their individuals believe restricting free speech is part of their standards, that is dangerous.

But when these individuals start promoting communism  to High School kids, that’s when it is seriously dangerous.

Few weeks ago, Young Communist League of Canada spoke to these kids at the OSSTF explaining their ideology and benefits of Communism.

These students are going to hear that they are not allowed to criticize a religion if a person from that faith commits terrorism? Will they be educated to punch a “Nazi” up because of different opinions? Will they be brainwashed to believe that capitalism is from Hell and that Socialism works?!

Yeah, tell that to countries under Socialism like Sweden or Venezuela.

As someone with a latino heritage, I have seen friends from my Spanish church or family friends explain how their country under socialism was a disaster or is still a disaster.

Then hearing it from my Cuban friend that under Castro, Cuba was a battlefield. Approximately 144,000 people dead under the Castro regime and these people praise Marxists like Che who helped Castro get into power?

I highly hope that the Toronto District School Board is taking a close eye on these “activists” because if they doctorate false doctrines to the upcoming generation of kids, then Toronto will start to see a rise of Marxist and Communists.

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