Nigerian-Born Canadian Man Sued By Muslim Couple For $12,000

Nigerian-Born Canadian Man Sued By Muslim Couple For $12,000

By: Douglas Joya

His violation? He refused to remove his shoes in a Muslim couple’s apartment.

John Alabi is Canada’s latest victim of Sharia Law. He is a landlord to an Arab Muslim couple, and now must pay them $12,000 for failing to accommodate their religious practice when showing their apartment to new prospective tenants.

The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario also stated that he “harassed them and created a poison environment.”

In late 2014, couple Walid Madkour and his wife Heba Ismail moved to the apartment in Brampton from Montreal. After several conflicts between the landlord and tenants, including the couple allegedly wanting the landlord to be quiet after 10 pm, they agreed to terminate the lease in February 28, 2015.

While showing prospective tenants the bedroom where the couple prayed (Alabi did give the mandated 24 hour notice before the visit), Ismail videotaped Alabi wearing his shoes in the room.

“She said it was disrespectful and an act of racism.” said Alabi.

Earlier, Alabi told Madkhour that, by law, only 24 hours notice is necessary before a visit. Madkhour later accused him of “racism and violation of our civil rights:”

Alabi texted him back: “Welcome to Ontario, Canada.”

The landlord explained in the hearing that the text message was intended to mean that the law is different in Ontario than in Quebec, where the couple used to live before moving into Alabi’s apartment. Unfortunately, the Human Rights Tribunal saw this as an example of discrimination.

One evening, Ismail was startled when he heard loud noise coming from outside.

Alabi was explaining that he was just shoveling the snow outside.

Ismail on the other hand said it was intimidating and frightening that they called the police.

Alabi said in an interview with Rebel Media’s Faith Goldy that he is not really worried about the money that he owes the couple for damages for their “feelings” and “uncomfortability”. He is more worried that this Sharia Law based example (not removing shoes when praying) will lead to further similar cases being brought before the Tribunal.


If you think that Canada passing M-103 won’t get you in trouble for something as simple as wearing shoes at a Muslim prayer room, you are mistaken.

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