ME-Ternity? More Like Entitled Child

meternity leave

The modern political left has lost its collectivist mind.  Their sense of entitlement masquerading as community spirit has become so complete it’s no longer annoying.

It’s simply nauseating.

I know this is not news to many of you.  But it bears repeating.  Loudly.  Often.  And from a great height.

It is now important not to even engage them in a dialogue on their latest crazy distraction.  In fact, what we should be doing is simply laughing, cutting them right down and walking away.

Case in point.  I came across an article by Meaghann Foye. Spelled M-E-A-G-H-A-N-N. Boy did her parents bend the spine on the Book of Bad Baby Names in 1979.

Nothing says daring individualist like creative misspelling.

May-G-Hann is pimping, or should I say whoring, her new book ‘MEternity.’ Her premise?

She should get maternity time even though she hasn’t had a child.  I’m not sure what’s more offensive, her position or the fact that a publisher thought this was a good idea.

It’s called MA-ternity leave. As in, time to heal from the arduous task of having and bonding with a newborn child while coming to grips with the now literal fact that your life is no longer your own.

It is not, as May-G-Hann thinks, a time for reflection and spiritual growth.  Believe me, oxytocin takes care of most of that for you.

In those first few weeks moms are simply trying to survive the needs of this precious, helpless person.  Dads are simply trying to survive.

She’s envious of the changes that happen to a woman who transforms into a mother.  She mistakes purpose and abject terror for confidence and thinks that all she needs to do is take a step back from working for six to twelve weeks and voila, she too can be self-actualized.

Seriously, this is her argument.  Oh, and even better she thinks she should be paid for this time off as well.

Last I checked time off from work for personal reasons is called “Vacation Time.”

May-G-Hann has literally zero understanding of what happens the moment your child is born.  She wouldn’t know.  She’s 38 and childless.  But hopes to have one in the future.

Yeah, good luck with that. No man worth breeding with would want an unenlightened, self-important cow like May-G-Hann.  Moreover, how much time does she think she actually have?

It’s not ageist to say having your first child after 40 is dangerous.  It’s simply true.  Menopause ain’t that far away, honey child.

But, on the other hand, it’s not sexist for her to think that men don’t need “MEterity time.”

Because, you know.  Women.

The sense of entitlement here is truly noxious.  The Left’s politicizing of Maternity Leave is equally offensive.  It reduces motherhood to just another Marxist peaen to the plight of the Proletariat against the evils of Capitalism.

Because, you know, it’s just not fair for her mom co-worker (who, by the way, most likely makes 20% to 30% less than she does) to leave work for family reasons.

This unbelievable princess had the insipid temerity to equate leaving work to ‘pick the kids up from school’ with consoling a friend over a date gone wrong.

Are you kidding me?

Pay inequality when normalized for maternity leave and family-related matters disappears. It’s been proven so many times it’s as unfunny as Samantha Bee’s nightly monologue.

May-G-Hann is just another in a long line of entitled feminists like Sandra Fluke who believe that because they have a vagina they deserve special status in the world.

And that human sexual dimorphism is a social construct of the patriarchy.

These women so out of touch with what their vaginas are actually for they are envious of real women who chose to use them to build a family and a community instead of making money.

And this is why they want the same perks of motherhood… but without any of the drawbacks or responsibilities.

You see, because if May-G-Hann’s career was truly so fulfilling she wouldn’t have had to step back from it for eighteen months, during her “MEternity Leave,” to recharge her batteries.

Eighteen months?  For pity’s sake woman that was more than enough time to find a man (or, let’s get real here, pay one), get pregnant and have a kid to gain all those benefits you think you’re missing out on.

Which you are.

Instead she wrote a book about a woman who fakes a pregnancy to get all the perks of being a mom at work without actually being one.  I’m sure the movie rights are already sold and Emma Watson is developing the script.

Thank the gods Nora Ephron and Carrie Fisher are no longer around.  Those two would have crafted something so funny and touching it would legitimize this twaddle and make Disney millions.

Look, I don’t care if May-G-Hann has priorities I disagree with.  My opinion of her is ultimately irrelevant.  But, when her priorities are something that I’m expected to subsidize through labor law then that’s another thing entirely.

People like her are what happens when egalitarianism is taken as a virtue to be achieved politically and not the soul-crushing scourge of humanity it actually is.  Instead of truly celebrating our diversity and individuality it encourages the worst of all human emotions, envy; the desire to destroy something beautiful you don’t have.

Which is exactly the place from where May-G-Hann’s ideas come from.  And why I hope that people reject everything about her, her book and her barren soul.

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