Soylent Green is Made of People and Other Abortion Stories


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A boycott of all companies and organizations funding Planned Parenthood with donations has been underway for quite some time, with very little apparent effect. Everyone from Starbucks to your favorite actor sends them money. But abortion has been about more than a right to privacy. It is a huge cash cow, and murder is only its middle name.

Imagine what would happen if the majority of the public knew the extent of the evil that flourishes inside the abortion industry – aside from the mass killing of children, that is. What should happen to a body of a dead child, once the mother is through with it? Is it ok to sell the parts for science? Food production? How about selling the bodies to be eaten as aphrodisiacs? The fact that we have to ask these questions is disturbing, but the reasoning behind asking them is quite serious. The existence of the abortion industry as a legal one sanctioned by governments depends not upon Constitutions or the rights of women in International Courts, but upon our callousness towards children and upon a guarantee of passive compliance with its agenda. This legalized murder and butchering business has finally overstayed its welcome.

Numerous scandals continue to plague abortion providers in the U.S. while feminists resist efforts to undo their hold on the Supreme Court. The prospect of anything but another conservative Justice to replace any seat on the Court in the near future would spell disaster. Prior to 1973, everyone knew it was wrong to kill children, and few people tried to get away with it. Now, we’ve come so far from our senses that eugenicists argue for infanticide as though it is just as acceptable as they consider abortion to be.

One of the first Executive Orders signed by President Trump was the restoration of the Mexico City Policy, which forbids U.S. funding of international organizations that engage in coercive abortions. A coercive abortion can be anything from a government forcing abortion on a family, to a child being forced into an abortion by her parents, or even a trafficker bringing a sex slave in for an abortion. Two years ago in Paraguay, Amnesty International initiated a huge campaign to override national law and plead for an abortion for a sexually abused 10-year-old whose mother had brought her in to the hospital for stomach pains, allegedly not knowing that her daughter was 22 weeks pregnant. The mother was then taken into custody as an accomplice to the sexual abuse committed by her husband (the girl’s step-father). Paraguay outlaws abortion, and Amnesty International is not okay with that. They seem to view the 680 Paraguayan girls between 10 and 14 years old who gave birth in 2014 as a problem only because those babies survived, and not because the girls were likely raped by pedophiles. Addressing the exploitation of these rape victims is far more difficult than simply doing away with teen pregnancies via routine baby murder.

The spin the abortion industry attempted to place on this story of pedophilia was the injustice of “forcing” a 10-year-old to give birth. In this effort, it seems that Planned Parenthood and Amnesty International hoped to undo national sovereignty with respect to the right to life of all children, and set the stage for coercive abortions that would help parents, pedophiles, and traffickers cover up child rape routinely, on a much larger scale.

A possible return to feminist control over our nation’s highest Court could cause Constitutional challenges to be decided unfavorably for life, for many decades to come. Planned Parenthood and their friends around the world can spin absolutely any story, and the ways that they have done so are truly shocking.

Prior to his death, Andrew Breitbart publicized undercover investigations of Planned Parenthood which exposed their systematic coercive abortion practices, as well as the cover-up of pedophilic sexual abuse of minors on a broad scale. The public certainly found this information intriguing, but its exposure soon died down along with Andrew, and it was business as usual for Cecile Richards and her ilk.

The truth about the abortion industry is so ugly that some former pro-choicers now find themselves in total opposition to abortion. If sexual abuse and trafficking of children was not a big enough scandal for the public, organ harvesting and butchery of babies might be. Babies’ bodies are being sold by crime families connected to Hillary Clinton, who is endlessly friendly with both the sex traffickers, and with those who profit from abortion. See Wicked Hillary’s Pay To Slay Business & Operation Rescue’s coverage of the baby body parts harvesting scheme.

As babies’ bodies became commodities used for profit in the health and cosmetics industries, and even in “food,” the general public has been forced to not only consume the end products, but also, fund their efforts. You may realize that Oprah has been hawking foreskin face cream (most likely a product of circumcision) for a long time, but you probably don’t know that the collagen taken from babies’ bodies has found a use for the harvesters, and that babies’ skin is now “processed” and added to face creams for “youthfulness and rejuvenation.” Similarly, Pepsi now adds “flavor enhancers” that are made using fetal tissue to many of their products. Apparently, today, you don’t have to be a feminist or an abortion supporter and you will still indirectly support abortion without even knowing it.

Taken to the extreme, the consumption of children can become cannibalistic, rather than “accidental.” During a raid in China, police found that babies’ bodies were lined up in a case, like fish, being sold locally as a food item that is considered to be an aphrodisiac (warning – the article contains an actual photo of the bodies lined up on ice in the display case). By condoning abortion, we devalue life to the point that some people don’t have a problem with this. The question I have is – how does anyone get away with this?

Simply put, the people have not said no, because the public has been mostly unaware. Abortion is legal in the U.S., and there is so little oversight of the providers that for-profit body harvesting takes free reign, despite being completely illegal. Body parts are considered legally fine to “donate” – but as we have seen, efforts to defund Planned Parenthood as a consequence of their sale of body parts are about as far as anyone is willing to go. Abortion must be outlawed in order to stop the gruesome practices which continue providing more and more incentives to kill.

We haven’t quite reached the science-fiction-slash-cannibalism stage, where everyone is forced to eat protein gloop that is produced from human flesh, but it’s safe to say that when we consume babies via flavor enhancers, and we rub dead children’s skin cells onto our faces, we are not that far away.

When is the murder of children going to be transformed in the public eye from a compassionate form of care for a woman making a difficult choice, into the wholesale butchery of children and marketing of their bodies? How sick do you have to be these days to continue supporting Planned Parenthood and “women’s rights?” You don’t have to be perverted or evil at all; and you don’t even have to be pro-choice, apparently, to become a supporter. All you have to be is thirsty.

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