Report: Sarah Huckabee Sanders to Replace Sean Spicer as Press Secretary

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Posters on Social Media claiming to work at the Department of Justice are posting that Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the current Principal Deputy Press Secretary, is likely to replace Sean Spicer.

As of now, Press Secretary Sean Spicer has not been fired and retains his role as Press Secretary, although seemingly relegated to the briefing room only.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders will need to undergo a Department of Justice background check before being appointed Press Secretary.

Sarah is the daughter of former Arkansas governor and Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. Sarah served on her father’s campaign and then signed on to do communications for the Trump campaign. She has handled a few White House press briefings, including one today while Sean Spicer is on Navy Reserve duty.

Sean Spicer has been under fire every single day and press briefing of the Trump Presidency, but no more so than the day he claimed that not even Hitler used chemical weapons during World War II in a reference to Assad gassing his own people. He then attempted to double down on his misspeak and used the term “Holocaust Centers” to describe concentration camps. Since then there has been some speculation that Spicer may be replaced. Now, if what Halsey News hears is true, then Spicer will be on his way out of the administration or possibly demoted to a lesser role.

President Trump yesterday fired FBI Director James Comey. He had no problem with firing National Security Adviser General Flynn. During his campaign he changed structure and personnel many times. Experts believed that his “You’re fired!” TV and business personality would show if he won the presidency, bringing in people to do a job and replacing them when they fall below expectations or they are no longer needed.

This comes after a testy night for Press Secretary Spicer. Following the immediate firing of FBI Director James Comey, White House staff “scrambled” to explain why.



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