In A Post-Le Pen World The Kids Are Alt-Right

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Brexit was successful as Brits grew fearful of the greater shift of control from Westminster to Brussels. The EU, many citizens had decided, was a threat to both the treasury and culture. The anti-establishment style of Trump caught the attention of communities that had seen towns gutted by big business and bankers. A swell of patriotic French peoples lifted, for a time, the nationalist candidate Marine Le Pen toward the Élysée Palace. That her campaign was not successful should not be considered the end of her political career. Indeed, when she characterized the French election as ‘a split between the globalists and the patriots’ her sentiment was also at the heart of the movements that won Brexit and elected Trump. The common thread binding all three is globalism.

Macron is the banker’s man in France as was Obama/Hillary in the USA and for now in Canada’s it is Justin Trudeau.

People are tired of losing jobs, being over taxed, and getting ripped off. At the core of globalism is this notion that citizens of a given jurisdiction do not have the right to protect themselves from what can be termed capitalism gone wild. For globalism to succeed the world must be treated as a single marketplace. This is how the EU came into being. Where corporations set the rules of play local economic sovereignty will be made illegal (see TPP).

For decades wage-earners believed that with hard work and perseverance their lives would get better, gradually. They had learned this from their forebears and it was a theme of family life.

It turned out to be lie.

And in the aftermath of WW2, they reassured themselves, at least they were living in a democracy and their kids would grow up amid opportunity and freedom. But towns have been gutted as corporations consolidated to lower cost countries. For many towns all that are left today are the usual mega-retailers perched at the dusty fringe of town and the dull prospect of low pay and no full-time employment.

Globalism is the enemy of borders and works to extinguish nationalism. To accomplish its goals it must also destroy the individual. Mobility of capital and a supply of low-wage serfs are the order of the day because widgets can be built in any country where capital can freely move in and out (low taxation) and where high unemployment (and lax labor laws) exists.

One more item of convenience to globalists is pliant and compliant governments. And there is no shortage of examples where politicians will “partner with corporations” to create “good paying middle-class jobs”. Business empires get access to resources and profits, the political parties collect financial “donations”, and the citizens are saddled with more debt.

Yes, it’s all too convenient for the money-class.

Back to Le Pen, et al: The nexus being quite simply that beleaguered wage-earners are waking up. Many realize as they near the end of their working lives they have little to show for it. Decades of artificially low interest rates—a disincentive to save—have prevented accumulation of wealth through thrift. Even with steady employment many families live paycheck-to-paycheck, retirement is always out of reach.

The system, simply put, was always organized against them.

Millions of workers have been left behind as corporations physically and metaphorically strip mined the world, exploiting workers with low pay and temporary jobs. (To be clear, the throngs working inside government and other strong-arm unions are not included among the losers to globalism.) This is why people have loosely banded together to push back on the relentless (until Trump and Brexit) attack of patriotism and nationalism.

The effectiveness of the disenfranchised caught many observers off-side during Brexit and elicited sheer panic during the 2016 US election cycle. They’d found a voice with millions of like-minded people. Immediately globalists and politicians sounded the alarm. Here was a threat to the status quo and the sycophantic corporate-media went into hyper-drive. You have probably heard about this on CNN, BBC, or CBC where the perceived threat was quickly labeled as radical. Before you knew it nationalism and patriotism became the evil and not to be trusted alt-right, a scary fringe group. You might know them better as friends, family and neighbors.

For the next four years, France will have Macron running the show for globalist forces. But the battle is on and recalling once more the words of Le Pen, “the split is between the globalists and the patriots.” The people have discovered they do indeed have a voice that will become better organized. There will be a next time, there will be other elections. To paraphrase The Who the kids are alt-right.

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