The Main Stream Media And Antifa

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There is a new phenomena sweeping the nation. They are called Antifa for short, Anti Fascist in full. They are a gang of street thugs who try to silence any opposition to a Marxist agenda in the name of fighting fascism. They have shown up internationally and all over America rioting and trying to hurt people they wish to silence. They post on Social Media about trying to acquire weapons and “hunting for Nazi scalps”. They practice the very fascism they claim to be fighting.

America probably would have Fascism some day; but, he added, “when we get it we won’t call it Fascism—we’ll call it anti-Fascism. ~ Huey Long

By looks of the mainstream media’s coverage, you may get the impression that Antifa is somewhat justified in their methods, or you can use common sense that they are trying to advance an agenda that is nothing short of silencing their political opponents with the use of violence. They have thrown explosives at cops, brought weapons to demonstrations and attacked people for having the nerve to disagree with them.

The media’s coverage of the left-wing group is so tepid, it begs to differ if they deem Antifa “non-news”, or if their silence is to hide the fact the main stream media is actually an organ of the political left. The Media proved their allegiance to the Democratic Party during the 2016 elections, and have not moved beyond it. It is funny how they demand that the Right answers for every single crazy that calls himself Right Wing, but they give the Democrats a complete pass for the Leftist animals that support them.

A great example of this moral relativism of the Left shows in the example of Peter Jennings, of ABC fame from the 1970s. He didn’t hide the fact of his disdain for Israel very much and during the Munich Olympics when Palestinian Terrorists attacked the delegation of Israeli Athletes, killing 12 of them in 1972, Jennings had no problem declaring them “Freedom Fighters”. According to Jennings, Black September, Yassir Arafat’s Palestinian terrorist faction should be lumped with Israel in the same “evil pendulum” swinging back and forth. Back then the liberal media didn’t have to answer to anyone, they had nothing to hide, knowing full well they dominated the news until their stranglehold was broken when Fox and Talk Radio busted onto the scene.

Here we are again, with Antifa, the media is silence is deafening. The majority of journalists have always been on the left and were previously involved with left wing groups during their college years . This involvement lasted well into their professional careers.


Antifa, who believe that since the election of President Trump have allies in both the political world and the media are increasing their attacks on free speech and political opposition. They will continue to get worse until they are stopped, will the media ever stop their complicity in this scandal?

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Marc Comvalius is the author of Media Indictment with Marc Comvalius. Marc focuses on the effects of the media on different groups within society, specifically the Black Community. Marc is the CEO & President at Lotterschmid Performance.