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Cinco De Mayo just passed and it seems like every social justice warrior on Twitter had to share their thoughts on cultural appropriation. Most expressed the opinion that it is wrong. Twitter user, @lexi4prez stated that white people should not celebrate Cinco De Mayo especially those who voted for Trump. Although she was able to make such a statement, she seemed unable to respond to the abrage of Tweets and Memes that followed.

As a Latino, I apologize on behalf of the Latin community for my people who express this type of mentality. I always thought “Cinco De Mayo” was a holiday for non-hispanics to enjoy the latin culture, but I guess it seems like celebrating someone else’s culture these days is wrong. I guess these kids will never know what it is to celebrate diversity and multiculturalism.

I guess they don’t like how the country is a Melting Pot. What a shame!

I think it is now important for me to explain why I believe the United States should enforce its borders.

You see, my father is a former illegal immigrant who escaped his native country El Salvador and went to Mexico trying to cross the border. While traveling in Mexico, he was robbed of couple of thousand dollars by other illegals but had enough to get small snacks and drinks.

After he crossed to the border, one of the men who was assisting the illegals had a car waiting for them. He went inside and took them to their new homes in Los Angeles.

Really dad? Texas wasn’t fun for you?

So he arrived in Los Angeles and from there you would see him just like any illegal at dawn in a parking lot waiting for someone needing workers. He explained to me that he was always there and received a couple of days work each week. He even told me that one of his favorite spots was working at Michael Jackson’s mansion. Ironically, last summer, I worked at Prince’s mansion near downtown.

He explained to me that the work was hard and the pay wouldn’t be enough for him to have a place to live. He told me he was getting $3 an hour, working 6 hours. So that is basically under $100 a week. It was a struggle. So then, he decided to hit the developing areas of South Central and befriended gang members to sell drugs.

But it was never enough. He knew he was tired living as an illegal making paying a couple of bills every month. He then contacted family members from Buffalo and they arranged a plan to take him to the north to cross the border into Canada and get his citizenship there.

After the arrangement, he was picked up and went across the country to New York and finally got to the Canadian border.

“Border security there was more lenient back then” he said.

The moment they ask him what he will do in Canada, he said that wants to become a citizenship there.

There, he met my mom’s family, found a job where he met his boss who he still currently works with, met his wife, received citizenship, and from then on never looked back.

So what am I trying to say?

I like immigrants. I don’t hate the legals, nor illegals, and nor those who voted for Trump.

I don’t like how these people are coming into the country and working in bad conditions for a small amounts of money which could never cover their bills.

I want these people to succeed, I want these people to achieve the American Dream. They can’t do it if they are making less than a $100 every week. Yes, there may be some individuals who came illegally who are now high-end figures, but what does that have to do with the rest who are working hard to provide for their family and not making enough?

Why do these Democrats want them to come illegally? Why don’t they want them deported? Why do they want them to earn a low wage for a hard day’s work?

Do you really think illegal immigrants just want to receive welfare money? It’s only the lazy ones who just want to receive those benefits and don’t want to work.

The point being, what about those legal immigrants who lose their jobs because their employers would rather hire an illegal because they can pay them way less than a legal immigrant?

A process needs to work so these conflicts don’t occur.

President Trump’s Wall will prevent illegals from coming over the border. It will also make sure immigrants go through to the border and start the immigration process there.

These decisions are not racist nor fascist, this is just being obedient to the government and its authority.

I mean, if Mexico has borders on the Southern side between Guatemala, what’s wrong with borders in the United States?

Besides, there are other countries around the world who have border walls to prevent people from entering illegally, and no one considers it racist or fascist.

Since Trump has been in office, illegal immigration has been down by %60 and gangs such as MS-13 have been deported. It seems even the threat of a Wall is keeping illegals out, imagine if the real thing is built?

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